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Amber Wheeler

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  1. Amber Wheeler The Christmas project Who is Santa?

  2. The Night Before Christmas • This poem explains almost all of Santa’s character traits, by 1823 when Clement Clare Moore had made it. And technically show what saint nick looked like for an American tradition.

  3. Christmas Tales and Books • Over the years we have made lots of movies that came from stories that were created over time to shape even more of St. Nicholas of an American Christmas. For example, The Little Drummer Boy, The Toy Shop and The Nutcracker.

  4. Religion/Christianity • As you know Christmas and Santa are about baby Jesus and his birthday. Why Christmas is so special is because there has been lots of types of Christians that have lived in America.

  5. Traditions • Traditions that have been made over the years by all types of families came from different parts of the world have turned into Christmas traditions in America. For example, like the 8 legged horse that the Dutch Santa Claus rode which turned into the tradition of the 8 tiny reindeer.

  6. Grandparents stories • There has also been the start of festivals and family fun from stories from the past that your grandparents had told, like “The Nutcracker” and how they dreamed of them dancing. Kind of like when the sugar plums danced in the children’s heads in “The Night Before Christmas”

  7. Publicity • Another thing that had shaped American’s traditions was when the newspapers and plays during the 1800 to 1900’s that had played out like the Rockettes that had danced for Christmas shows.

  8. Tradition • There has been other traditions like putting the angel on the Christmas tree or putting a present under a Christmas tree. Did you know that was formed by a family tradition and how it had been created into an American tradition years ago.

  9. Media • Over the years media, using electricity, has made many classical movies. For instance, The Grinch and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Showing like Christmas spirit and the littlest things like the Grinch and Rudolph turn into something big.

  10. Another Christmas thing is when the media had used it into making money off of Christmas. And bringing changes like giving fake Christmas spirit. Also showing a new ad greedy way of making something good into something hard to buy.

  11. American Christmas • Another big reason for creating Christmas that I know of is to really show what America is really about and how we relate into caring and sharing and to just show a helping hand it show a little bit of what America is like which is why we had kinda put this as an American tradition

  12. Sinter clause • Have you heard of sinterklaas • He was another example of Santa also he had shown a little bit of Santa Claus for our tradition as an American. he was a Dutch priest that had help many children get gift and ways very kind to them . in the 1700’s the named though appeared on the press as ‘st.nick had became the first Santa.

  13. Light show Decoration has also been a big part in the media part of Christmas also the press part it is kinda showing famous thing that had happened thought years of chrismas like baby Jesus and other thing like the meaning of family and happiness.