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Amber Harned

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Amber Harned. The woman, the myth, the legend. . Hobbies. Drawing and painting Theatre Watching television Dancing Wine . Something Interesting?.

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amber harned

Amber Harned

The woman, the myth, the legend.

  • Drawing and painting
  • Theatre
  • Watching television
  • Dancing
  • Wine
something interesting
Something Interesting?
  • Recently I took a road trip to FL to visit family. On the way home, my friend and I thought it would be fun to check out Savannah, GA. Upon our arrival we witnessed a high speed car chase. I will set the stage: we arrived in Savannah, checked into our hotel, and grabbed a bite to eat at a Macaroni Grill located in the Olgethorpe Mall. We exited the restaurant and stood chatting on the sidewalk for a few moments.
  • First, we heard sirens. Then we saw a large ,expensive looking truck come tearing through the mall parking lot. The truck was being pursued by three, maybe four police cars. Next, our attention was drawn in the opposite direction, from whence more police, fire, and other official crime busting vehicles where emerging. Faster then you can say “high speed car chase”, the truck and was surrounded, and we were paralyzed, hypnotized by the exciting event unfolding before us. The truck made a quick decision to exit the mall parking lot, and try his getaway on the road. The driver was wrong in this ill thought out choice, because he crashed into another vehicle almost immediately. Much to my and my friend’s surprise, the driver left his vehicle and continued to make his getaway on foot! As the driver ran he seemed to be getting closer and closer to us. It seemed this way because he was in fact headed in our direction. When I realized that this was all in fact, actually happening, I high tailed it back into the restaurant, and continued to watch from a safer distance, inside of highly secure chain dining establishment. The driver was caught in the next few minutes, and the parking lot cleared shortly after that. I thought it was an interesting welcome to Savannah 