foundations of physical science l.
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Foundations of Physical Science

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Foundations of Physical Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foundations of Physical Science. Workshop: Viscosity of Fluids. Viscosity of Fluids. CPO Science. What is viscosity? How can viscosity be measured? How does a molecule ’ s shape and size affect viscosity? How does an increase in temperature affect viscosity?. Key Questions.

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foundations of physical science

Foundations of Physical Science

Workshop: Viscosity of Fluids

key questions
What is viscosity?

How can viscosity be measured?

How does a molecule’s shape and size affect viscosity?

How does an increase in temperature affect viscosity?

Key Questions
Define viscosity

Build a viscometer

Measure viscosity of various liquids

what is viscosity
A measure of a material’s resistance to flowWhat is Viscosity?
  • Which substance here has a higher viscosity?
  • How can it be measured?
Uses timer and photogates to measure speed of object moving through a liquid

Indicates the liquid’s resistance to flow

average velocity
After setting up Viscometer run three trials using 10 cm for the distance traveled by the marble through the fluid

Use velocity from the three trials to get the average velocity of the marble

Repeat this process for each of the 5 substances

Average Velocity
which liquid is least viscous
Compare average velocities – What will differences in these values indicate about each substance?

What does a high velocity mean?

What does a low velocity mean?

Rank the fluids from least to most viscous

Which Liquid is LEAST Viscous?
what about viscosity vs density
Compare the viscosity rankings list with the density ranking list

Is there a relationship?

What do these two terms actually measure?

They seem to be loosely related, but there must be more to the story

What about Viscosity vs. Density??
size and viscosity
Size and viscosity
  • Which molecule would be easier to pour from a bottle?
  • Which would experience more friction?
  • How does that affect viscosity?