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CareSearch: Professional Connect PowerPoint Presentation
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CareSearch: Professional Connect

CareSearch: Professional Connect

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CareSearch: Professional Connect

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  1. CareSearch: Professional Connect This event is part of the Quality Use of CareSearch Project

  2. Professional Connect Networks, or communities of practice are created when there is a common interest For the majority of networks, communication and sharing of resources is important. CareSearch can help to facilitate this via virtual engagement

  3. Professional Connect CareSearch can support networks by allowing interaction online. This enables groups to • Share information, such as documentation • Communicate in a way that allows tracking of conversation threads • Share a common calendar for important events

  4. Professional Connect • If a group is interested in this feature they will need to contact CareSearch • Users will be registered and will be emailed a username and password to gain access • These password protected areas are called forums and users need to decide what options they would like

  5. Professional Connect • A forum can have one or many areas of discussion • Groups need to decide if their forum needs to be moderated • If a tutor is working with students they may wish to moderate • A working group of peers won’t need a moderator

  6. Palliative Care Nurses Australia The PCNA national committee comprises seven members from different states Face to face meetings can only be facilitated annually, so the committee engages virtually to conduct ongoing business Documents (eg, financial statements) are uploaded onto the documents page before each of the monthly teleconferences

  7. Palliative Care Nurses Australia The newsletter editor uploads draft newsletters for comment and editing by the group The forum has conversation threads with themes such as marketing, membership The forum was used to discuss the formal peer review process of the CareSearch nurses hub

  8. Professional Connect • CareSearch can provide information, support and advice about setting up a forum

  9. CareSearch would like to thank the many people who contribute their time and expertise to the project including members of the National Advisory Group and the Knowledge Network Management Group. CareSearch is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing as part of the National Palliative Care Program.