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VeriFone CONNECT. What Total Solutions Delivery Means For You. Purpose of VeriFone Connect. Provide support for clients who purchase Enhanced Communications products with peripheral products and services to deliver complete merchant solutions.

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verifone connect


What Total Solutions Delivery Means For You

purpose of verifone connect
Purpose of VeriFone Connect
  • Provide support for clients who purchase Enhanced Communications products with peripheral products and services to deliver complete merchant solutions.
  • For You, this means instant access to a broad base of service technologies and providers without multiple contracts and multiple high dollar commitments.
  • Make delivery of the total solution flexible in structure, easy to integrate, convenient to use, and cost less than clients internally building third party relationships, interfaces, support, and billing systems.
  • For You, this means extensive reduction in organizational costs, setup time without giving up control over how your customer is ultimately serviced and supported.
purpose of verifone connect more
Purpose of VeriFone Connect - More
  • Continue to develop total solution packages to support future advanced communications products. For Example: WiFi terminal with Wireless LAN Access Point, Router and DSL Service Bundle.
  • For You, this means easier growth into new revenue opportunities without extensive research and development costs. Solutions will be brought to you ready to customize and deploy.
  • Deliver the VeriFone difference by providing complete solutions to you.
  • Saving You time and money required to support enhanced communications products while delivering the right customizations and controls.
bundle 1 national wireless services
Bundle #1 National Wireless Services

Enabling YOU to

  • Sell wireless faster
  • Sell more wireless
  • Capture more service revenue
what terminals are supported
What Terminals are Supported?
  • Omni 3750
    • Available NOW
    • Certified on Verizon and Cingular
    • Transportable Wireless with Power Plug
      • Wireless I/O Module: CDMA, GPRS, and WiFi
      • Can upgrade existing 37xx family of terminals
  • Portable Power House (Omni Vx610)
    • Available Now
    • Certified on Verizon and Cingular
    • Portable/Mobile with long lasting battery
      • Wireless I/O Module: CDMA, GPRS, and WiFi
    • Optional Nylon Carrying Case
wireless terminal and account setup
Wireless Terminal and Account Setup
  • Specialized and Exclusive VeriFone POS accounts
    • Service your seasonal customers
      • 12 months of service over 36 months
      • Prioritized connectivity and routing
      • Number portability
  • Our Bundle Partners
    • CDMA – Available today
      • Verizon
    • GPRS-coming soon (Late 2005)
      • Cingular
terminal setup
Terminal Setup
  • All Terminals Require
    • Radio Preparation – loading carrier profiles and firmware to terminal through specialized servers and software tools
      • Each carrier is different
      • Can’t move a terminal from one carrier to another
    • Provisioning – collecting Radio Serial numbers from terminals and modules and communicating them to intended carrier
      • Usually 3-5 days
account setup and control
Account Setup and Control
  • VeriFone CONNECT Wireless Accounts
    • Activation – Ordering service from carriers and loading radio phone number and activation information to radio
      • Maintain inventory of ready to run radios
      • Usually 3-5 days
      • Must load account information to radio or supply SIM card
    • Suspension – Ordering a radio account suspended with no recurring charges
      • 36 month agreements with 12 months of service commitment
      • Monthly periods
    • Resumption – Ordering immediate restart of service after suspension
    • Cancellation – Ordering immediate closing of a wireless account
      • Contract terms are still in force
    • Number Portability – Moving a radio to another account or an account to another radio
      • Cut down on cancellations
terminal deployment
Terminal Deployment
  • Standard Services
    • Terminal Setup
    • SoftPay Application Loading
    • Merchant Profile Loading – VeriCenter Supported
    • Kitting and 3 day Shipping to merchant
  • Customizable to fit your deployment requirements
    • Same day and next day shipping
    • Packaging and Kitting
    • Customized Box Toppers
    • Tailored messages
    • VeriCenter Integration
    • Bulk Shipping
    • Account Suspension
    • Multi-application loading
merchant installation and training
Merchant Installation and Training
  • Standard Services
    • Tele-training through call-in or Webinar
  • Optional Service
    • Individualized tele-training (e.g. any-time)
    • On-Site Installation and training
    • Custom web based training
logistics and terminal management
Logistics and Terminal Management
  • Standard Services
    • Inventory tracking and reporting
    • Logistics tracking and management
    • Base application maintenance and upgrades
    • Wireless network connectivity diagnostics
  • Optional Services
    • Systems integration
    • Conversion programs
    • Equipment warehousing
    • Full coverage terminal protection plans for repair and replacement
help desk
Help Desk
  • Standard Services
    • 2nd Tier telephone support 8A-8P Monday-Friday
    • Call case tracking and reporting
    • Generic branding, 800 number support
    • Covers Transport (Wireless Carrier and networking), Hardware and software
    • Self Service Support and Authenticated Account Control
      • Coming Soon!
  • Customizable Services
    • 24/7 Support
    • 1st Tier Support Available
    • All facets are Brand-able
billing and administration
Billing and Administration
  • Standard Services
    • Electronic Delivery of Summary and Detailed Account Billing and Usage
    • Monthly Support Reporting
  • Options to best suite your business
    • Real-time support dashboard and reporting
verifone connect example pricing
VeriFone CONNECT Example Pricing
  • Different levels of internal capability
    • Focus is on FLEXIBILITY.
    • Customized Service Bundles will be created to match capability.
    • No setup fees with standard options
  • Example SolutionFee
    • Deployment, Provisioning and Activation $55
      • One time fee includes
        • Wireless provisioning and activation
        • Merchant profile loading
        • Kitting services
        • Shipping charges apply
    • Wireless Service, Billing, and Help Desk $29.99/ mo
      • Includes
        • Up to 2MB/mo wireless data
        • Second Level Helpdesk (supporting ISO Help desk)
        • Monthly Consolidated ISO Billing Statement
        • Network Operation Center Control
        • Call detail records and usage reports
  • NO Cancellation Fees (When switching number from terminal to terminal)
  • NO Suspension or Resumption Fees
ordering verifone connect
Ordering VeriFone Connect




Deployment Facility

A or B

  • Merchant Load
  • Service Ready



Suspend Service


  • Merchant Load
  • Resume Service

ISO Warehouse

verifone client services

VeriFone Client Services

What and who is behind the VeriFone CONNECT Offering

outsourcing to a trusted partner
Outsourcing to a Trusted Partner
  • Providing professional outsourced customer service for Fortune 100 enterprises
    • Serving clients since 1987 equating to over 15 years specific experience with Point of Sale support
    • Preferred provider supporting over 10 million VeriFone devices and over 1000 enterprise clients in Financial, Retail, Government Healthcare, and Petroleum markets
outsourcing to a trusted partner19
Outsourcing to a Trusted Partner
  • Personal with Scalability
    • Allowing you to start small, test, develop, and maintain control
    • Deploy over 200,000 + VeriFone systems annually
    • Perform 30,000 + Priority Exchanges annually
    • Repair 150,000 + devices annually
    • Field 700,000 + help desk calls annually
    • Over 200 employees dedicated to Client Services
      • Headquartered in Clearwater Florida, with locations in Louisville, KY and Lincoln, CA
help desk operations details
Help Desk Operations Details
  • Clearwater
    • Headquarters
    • Staff of 150
    • 24x365 operation
    • VeriFone Worldwide Computer Center Operations
    • Help Desk Operations
    • Training Department
    • Co-located with petroleum division headquarters, finance and credit operations
    • 100,000 SF facility
      • Hurricane hardened facility to withstand 160 mph winds
      • Dual power feed and above ground UPS backup
      • Dual telecomm cable routing to facility
      • All critical operations on barrier protected 2nd floor
      • All computer operations centrally located on 2nd floor
service centers detail
Service Centers Detail
  • Lincoln, CA
    • VeriFone port of entry/distribution facility
      • 100,000 SF facility
      • Maintains a staff of 75 – 100 professionals
    • Ships over 1,000,000 units annually to US customers
    • Deploys 175,000 + devices annually
  • Louisville, KY
    • Deployment, Repair and Logistics with VeriFone Business Partner - Solectron Global Services
      • Deploys 30,000 systems annually
      • Performs 30,000 + overnight replacements annually
      • Repairs 150,000 + devices annually
    • Administrative Offices house PM and ASM staffs
      • Manage all new business implementation
      • Provide on-going account support for client service
service and support infrastructure
Service and Support Infrastructure
  • VeriFone has made the investment in world class systems and systems support personnel
  • Enterprise Resource Planning from Oracle Applications
    • Inventory Management, Ordering and Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management excellence from Clarify
    • Track all contacts, resolutions, and real-time workflow
  • Integrated, Secure and Stable Data Warehouse and Reporting from Business Objects
    • Standard automated reporting and ad-hoc drill down with statistical tracking and trend reporting
  • VeriCentre Host System
    • Download Management system
    • Networked systems in CLW, SDF and LCN
exchange repair and buyer protection services available
Exchange, Repair and Buyer Protection Services Available
  • Standard Services
    • Warranty and out of warranty per-incident repair
    • Out of Scope Repair
      • For any failure whether product defect or not
  • Optional Services
    • Up to 3 year Buyer Protection Program
      • “Bumper to Bumper” coverage for any terminal failure
    • Up to 3 year Priority Exchange
      • Next business day replacement of failed terminal
support statistics

99% next day deployment


100% contact within 4 days of deployment

Help Desk

80% answer within 60 seconds

< 4% abandoned rate

90% first call solution

Priority Exchange Service

98% shipped same day


5 day turnaround with

2% overall error rate

Support Statistics
verifone connect25


Future Bundles

package wifi bundle 1
Package: WiFi Bundle #1
  • WiFi Terminal Loading
    • Transportable Omni 3750
    • Portable Vx610
  • VeriFone Customized WiFi Access Point
    • High End – Cisco, Nomadix
    • Medium - Netopia
    • Low End – Netopia, SonicWall
  • Package deployment, Installation, and Training
  • Help Desk and Terminal Management
  • Deployment and Logistics Management
  • Billing and Administration


mid 2005

why use verifone connect
Why Use VeriFone Connect
  • Time, Money, Control
  • Lower investment
  • Faster time to market
  • Easier integration
  • Leverage our knowledge, experience and systems
  • Leverage our relationships and commitments
where can i learn more
Where can I learn more?
  • Help Desk Phone Number:
    • 800-349-0851
  • VeriFone Connect in the News:
  • Retriever Payment Systems Uses VeriFone Vx 610 as Wireless Way to Pay at Reliant Park

Steve McRae

Director of Solutions Delivery

Office/Mobile: 1(541)292-0667