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William Bradford

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William Bradford - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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William Bradford. John Smith. John Wise. Anne Hutchinson. William Penn. Roger Williams. Colonial American Leaders. William Bradford. Born: 1590 in York, England Died: 1657 in Plymouth, Massachusetts Accomplishments: He traveled to American on

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William Bradford

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    1. William Bradford John Smith John Wise Anne Hutchinson William Penn Roger Williams Colonial American Leaders

    2. William Bradford Born: 1590in York, England Died: 1657 in Plymouth, Massachusetts Accomplishments: He traveled to American on the Mayflower and helped set up the colony of Plymouth. He was the second governor of the colony and under his leadership the colony survived. Other Interesting Facts: In 1621, Bradford organized the celebration of the first Thanksgiving Day in New England. For more information: William Bradford Biography William Bradford – World Book Encyclopedia Menu

    3. John Smith Born:1580 in Willoughby, England Died:1631 in London, England Accomplishments:Led the founding of the settlement of Jamestown which later became the colony of Virginia. Other Interesting Facts: In 1614 he charted the coast of southern Canada and the area he named New England. For more information: The Adventures of Captain John Smith Captain John Smith – Britannica Online Menu

    4. John Wise Born: 1652 in Roxbury, Massachusetts Died: 1725 in Ipswich, Massachusetts Accomplishments: Reverend Wise was a minister and political leader who is recognized as one of the first Americans to oppose “taxation without representation.” Other Interesting Facts: Wise lived in Ispwich, Massachusetts often called "the birthplace of American independence." For more information:John Wise – Online Encyclopedia Britannica Menu

    5. Anne Hutchinson Born: 1591 in Lincolnshire, England Died: 1643 in New York Accomplishments: Anne Hutchinson was a religious leader and the first American feminist. Her courageous actions helped set the stage for religious freedom in America. Other Interesting Facts: Anne was banished from her community because she expressed religious beliefs that were different from the colony's rulers.She helped establish what is now Portsmouth, Rhode Island. For more information: Anne Hutchinson – PBS Menu

    6. William Penn Born: 1644 in London, England Died: 1718 in Berkshire, England Accomplishments: William Penn established the colony of Pennsylvania where people could enjoy religious freedom. He publishedthe Plan of Union, a forerunner of the U.S. Constitution. Other Interesting Facts: Penn is remembered for peaceful interaction with the Lenni Lenape Indians. For more information: William Penn – The Library of Congress Menu

    7. Roger Williams Born: 1603 in London, England Died: 1621 in Providence, Rhode Island Accomplishments: Roger Williams was the first American defender of complete religious freedom and the idea of “separation of church and state.” He was the founder and governor of the colony of Rhode Island where religious freedom was guaranteed. Other Interesting Facts: He was an authority on the Native Americans of his time. He bought land from the Indians and started a trading post where he traded with them and was known for his peace-making. For more information: Roger Williams Biography Roger Williams Biography from the Library of Congress Menu