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Mr. Bradford

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Mr. Bradford. Room 208 Band 4 th per. - 6 th Grade 6 th per. – 7 th Grade 7 th per. – 8 th Grade. Band Rules. Enter and exit the classroom respectfully Follow directions the first time they are given Be in your assigned seat within 2 minutes of the bell

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mr bradford

Mr. Bradford

Room 208


4th per. - 6th Grade

6thper. – 7th Grade

7th per. – 8th Grade

band rules
Band Rules
  • Enter and exit the classroom respectfully
  • Follow directions the first time they are given
  • Be in your assigned seat within 2 minutes of the bell
  • Only play when we play as a group
  • Be Polite – Not just words, but actions
  • Respect (Yourself) Respect (Others) Respect (Equipment)
  • Verbal
  • More play time
  • Better performances
  • Letters home
  • Certificates
  • Free time
  • Special privileges (to be discovered)
  • Bandroom lunch
  • Warning
  • Dismissal at the one-minute bell
  • Action Plan Worksheet/5 days of one-minute bell dismissal/Note to Core
  • Action Plan Worksheet/5 days of one-minute bell dismissal/Note to Core/Call home
  • To be determined based upon incident
eagle cash cards
Eagle Cash Cards
  • Place on corner of piano at the before class
  • Until week 3, Mr. Bradford will stamp and return cards
  • After week 3, selected students will stamp and return cards
  • If you lost your card, replacements can be obtained by asking Mr. Bradford
bell work
Bell work
  • Enter ready for class to begin
  • Get ready for the day
  • Bell work will be posted daily on the board
  • Most times it will be 2 minutes continuous writing – non-stop writing about what you hear being played for 2 minutes (include date/title/composer at the beginning of each section)
scale mastery
Scale Mastery
  • Always have Circle of 4ths page in view when we practice
  • Play only what you know
  • If you do not know the scale, play the tonic (1st note) of the scale until you are ready to play more
  • Order of day will be posted on board
    • Directions will be given one time
    • Have music in order before we begin
    • Mark music lightly with pencil the first time I tell you
    • If you arrive late or missed something, Daily lessons will appear on
just in case
Just in CASE
  • Flutes, Clarinets, and Trumpets Cases under chairs
  • Tuba Case beside your chair
  • Saxophones, French Horns, Trombones, and Baritones Cases neatly along the closet doors
  • Daily – 75%
    • Pencil
    • Ready within two minutes of bell
      • Everything at your seat
        • Music
        • Instrument
        • Pencil/Supplies
    • Bell work
    • Attitude
    • Participation
  • Tests, Performances, Concerts – 15%
    • Expected to participate in all events
      • 0 for not being there
  • Practice Cards – 10%
extra credit
Extra Credit
    • Community
    • Central High School
    • Symphony
  • Live Musical Performances
    • Include:
      • Musicals
      • Concerts
      • Performances
  • Write a Review about the concert
    • Who performed, where, when, what they performed, why it was good, what you particularly liked about it, et cetera.
concert dress
Concert Dress
  • Band Shirts
  • Nice Pants
  • Nice Shoes
  • You are responsible for your share, including:
    • Taking care of your product
    • Turning in your money
  • If you decide to not participate, you will need to pay an activity fee to help cover:
    • Supplies
    • Uniform Shirts
    • New music
    • Camp scholarships
instrumental rental fee
Instrumental Rental Fee
  • If you do not own your own instrument, you must rent an instrument, either from the school or from one of the local music stores.
  • School instrument rental fees are very low – averaging $4 a month. This works out to be $40 for the year.
  • An instrument will be assigned and may be taken home after the appropriate paperwork is filled out and the fee has been collected.
  • You are responsible for all damage to the instrument above “normal wear and tear.”
note cards and pictures
Note Cards and Pictures
  • Best hand writing possible
    • Have to do it over if I think it could be better
  • One blue and one white
  • First name, Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Instrument