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Survey Research

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Survey Research. Survey vs Interview Steps to write a survey. Survey vs Interview. Profile of concerns, attitudes, beliefs, needs, preferences, etc. Representation of a large group. Survey. Interview. Expert opinion Indepth Comprehensive One on one. Steps to a Successful Survey.

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survey research

Survey Research

Survey vs Interview

Steps to write a survey

survey vs interview
Survey vs Interview
  • Profile of concerns, attitudes, beliefs, needs, preferences, etc.
  • Representation of a large group



  • Expert opinion
  • Indepth
  • Comprehensive
  • One on one
steps to a successful survey
Steps to a Successful Survey
  • Define your purpose
  • Define your population
  • Define your method
  • Design questionnaire
  • Conduct survey
  • Analyze data


define your purpose
Define Your Purpose
  • How do you intend to use the information?
  • What exactly are you measuring?
  • Express goal in a few clear concise sentences

Well defined purpose assures good design

define your population
Define Your Population
  • Who is the exact population?
    • Students, computer users, bike riders, etc.
  • How will you select your population?
    • Number of people (40)
    • Census vs random, convenience sampling
define your method
Define Your Method
  • Type of data
    • Opinions, ideas, facts, figures
  • Type of survey
    • Phone, email, in-person, web
  • Method to
    • Collect, record, analyze and report
design your questionnaire
Design Your Questionnaire
  • Short and meaningful title
  • Clear, concise instructions
    • If no cover letter, include goal
  • Group items in logical coherent sections
  • Begin with non-threatening, interesting items
  • Use simple and direct language
design questions
Design: Questions
  • Open ended questions
    • Response in word, phrase, sentence, essay
    • Uncover attitudes, but hard to gather data
  • Closed ended questions
    • Limited number of predetermined choices
    • Easier to gather data
design questions1
Design: Questions
  • Avoid biased questions
    • Do you think it’s morally wrong to kill babies through abortion?—
    • Do you support or oppose providing women the option of aborting a pregnancy during the first twenty weeks?
  • Kill = emotionally loaded / judgmental word
  • Built-in judgments manipulate people's responses
design questions2
Design: Questions
  • Avoid vague questions
    • Do you support or oppose the university’s alcohol policy?
      • What is the policy?
    • How do you feel about abortion?
    • Do you favor weapons for campus police? YES - NO
design questions3
Design: Questions
  • Do you favor (check all that apply):
    • Having campus police carry mace and a club?
    • Having campus police carry nonlethal "stun guns"?
    • Having campus police store handguns in their cruisers?
    • Having campus police carry small-caliber handguns?
    • Having campus police carry large-caliber handguns?
    • Having campus police carry no weapons?
    • Don't know
design questions4
Design: Questions
  • Guidelines – text page 159
  • Qualities of a Good Question:
conduct survey
Conduct Survey
  • Larger the sample more valid the survey
  • Allow enough time
  • Keep careful records
analyze report data
Analyze / Report Data
  • Graphically represent your data
    • Bar graphs, pie charts
    • Tables
  • Reference data in text, e.g. Figure 1…
  • Put details of data in appendix