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  2. AGENDA • Release 1.3 Contents • Infrastructure • Graphical User Interface • Settings

  3. OpenTouch Conversation family is widening ! OpenTouch Conversation for iPhone – Product PresentationEd 01, July 2013


  5. OTC iPhone R1.3 - Main features • OpenTouch Conversation User eXperience • Graphical user interface (portrait mode only) • One business number • Multi-device call routing • Always notified (voicemail, missed & conference) • History (the Wall – per user & per timeslot) • Office-like mid-call control (new call, hold, back & forth, supervised call transfer, ad-hoc conference, leave conference, end conference) • More comfort during conversation (seamless switch device, both get & push) • One-click to join a conference (audio) • Private call capability • Profile management as you desire (call routing & avatar change) • Contact provisioning (all OpenTouch users, external corporate directory, local contacts (iOS contacts with over-the-air multi-device synchronization capability) • Favorites • Visual voice mail with file download • Voicemail box disengage capability (no voicemail tab) • Automatic fallback mode (make call)

  6. OTC iPhone R1.3 - Main features • Security • Client authentication via login / password • Server authentication via certificates • Secure Web Services signaling (https) over 3G+ or WiFi • Bluetooth support (via Alcatel-Lucent Partner Program) • Over-the-ear or over-the-head headset • Portable wireless speakerphone • Languages • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish • Platform requirements • OpenTouch Business Edition R1.3 MD1+ or OpenTouch MultiMedia Services R1.3 MD1+ and Reverse Proxy (Alcatel-Lucent Partner Program) • Apple iPhone 4, 4S or 5 with iOS 6.x+ • Connectivity • Cellular and network: 3G+ and Wi-Fi • Wi-Fi is strongly recommended when available (due to more & more mobile data network latency)


  8. OTC iPhone – Reverse Proxy use for secure access to OpenTouch UC&C • Voice over Circuit Switch • Data over 3G+ or WiFi Reverse Proxy Internet HTTPS Web Services DMZ Cellular mode HTTPS Voice Wireless network(2G /3G/4G) PSTN OpenTouch • REMINDER • Wi-Fi is strongly recommended when available (due to more & more mobile data network latency) • 3G+ min (if active call under 2G data network, there is no more Web Services availability)


  10. OTC iPhone – Once launched, direct access to … The Wall My Profile (settings) Contacts & Favorites Missed events (filter) Dialer Voicemail box if set Conferences (filter)

  11. OTC iPhone – Once launched, be always informed about … Connection status Future event in black color Phone presence Current call routing profile Missed event in red color Call history per user, per time stamp Favorite contact Local contact Past event in grey color 2 unread voicemails 5 unread notifications in The Wall

  12. OTC iPhone – Contacts & Favorites Favorite filter Local attribute only Local & Favorite attributes Phone presence (busy or available) Contact list includes iOS local contacts + cache mechanism for other handled contacts

  13. OTC iPhone – Keypad

  14. OTC iPhone – New voicemail(s) look-up Read voicemail 2 1 Unread voicemail

  15. OTC iPhone – Be notified about a new conference

  16. OTC iPhone – One click to join a conference Active conference 2 1

  17. OTC iPhone – New missed call(s) look-up Missed filter

  18. OTC iPhone – Acknowledge one item in the Wall

  19. OTC iPhone – Delete one item in the Wall Native gesture

  20. OTC iPhone – Change your call routing profile according to your context Current profile is My office devices Details of the new selected profile

  21. OTC iPhone – User on The Wall with access to their corresponding details Priority given to History screen when new event 3 windows

  22. OTC iPhone – Local look-up is predictive Local contact search also includes previous result(s) (cache mechanism available)

  23. OTC iPhone – Corporate remote look-up Capability to search based on 2 char strings Predictive local result while ‘Search’ key is not pressed. Soon ‘Search’ pressed, corporate result appears (data consumption is under control)

  24. OTC iPhone– Save corporate contact Edit Local contact to enrich it (native app) Corporate contact Will be Local contact

  25. OTC iPhone– iPhone behavior regarding ‘Make call’ & ‘Receive call’ in Cellular mode • Please, read this slide, very important • ‘Make call’ & ‘Receive call’ are managed under a 3rd-party call control mechanism (3PCC) (OpenTouch server sets up & manages a communication relationship between two or more other parties) • ‘Make call’ & ‘Receive call’ user stories are presented into the native dialer • Some smartphones such as Android devices allow to intercept the OpenTouch call and therefore, this call is automatically presented into our client for a natural user experience (up to now ) • The iPhone device does not provide this capability. We cannot intercept the OpenTouch call, we need to use a pop-up notification in order to give access to our OTC client during conversation.Unfortunately, the user experience suffers from this drawback. Some recommendations:

  26. OTC iPhone – Pop-up notification setting ALU recommends to use ‘Alerts’ style for Notification Combination of these 2 settings gives this screen in Cellular mode

  27. OTC iPhone – Receive a call in Cellular mode Close this pop-up in order to access Muteor Keypad for DTMF or Speaker • Call is presented into the native dialer (this is imposed by iPhone) • Either caller id is directly presented if caller is a local contact • Or caller id is received from OpenTouch server (our use case, see 2nd screen) This pop-up notification allows the user to manage the call into the OTC client or not according to her/his wish. Presentation of this pop-up is driven by an OTC client dedicated setting.

  28. OTC iPhone – Make a call from the Wall (scenario 1) Direct call by pressing the badge (using the displayed phone number)

  29. OTC iPhone – Make a call from the Stage (scenario 2)

  30. OTC iPhone – Make a call from the History (scenario 3)

  31. OTC iPhone – Make a call from the Contact Details (scenario 4)

  32. OTC iPhone – Mid-call services in Cellular modeCapabilities during a single conversation iPhone gives no access to native audio capabilities in Cellular mode !!! ‘New call’ for ‘Back & forth’, ‘Supervised transfer’ and ‘Ad-hoc conference’ capabilities Seamless switch device Hold / Retrieve call

  33. OTC iPhone – Mid-call services in Cellular modeCapabilities during 2 conversations Back & forth Conference Supervised transfer

  34. OTC iPhone– Mid-call services in Cellular mode Hold active call & back to the Wall to check something 1 2 3

  35. OTC iPhone – Ad-hoc audio conf in Cellular mode Add new participants when needed Call 1 established Call 2 to trigger Call 1 established Call 2 in progress Calls 1 & 2 established Calls 1 & 2 merged 2 windows

  36. OTC iPhone– Get call in Cellular mode,action from Keypad tab only 3 For example, call is active on my business phone. Press this icon to get it

  37. OTC iPhone– Private call in Cellular mode 3 Private call capability from Contacts tab only


  39. OTC iPhone – My profile (settings) 1 1 2 2 3 4 3 4 Press to change your avatar Pop-up notification enabled Software version Once signed out, check public & private FQDNs and your credentials

  40. OTC iPhone – Change avatar

  41. OTC iPhone – Native Settings Switch on if you note an increased mobile data network latency