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Esko Athletics

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Esko Athletics. Chemical Awareness, Sportsmanship, & Parent Information Meeting. Principal Greg Hexum.

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Esko Athletics

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    1. Esko Athletics Chemical Awareness, Sportsmanship, & Parent Information Meeting

    2. Principal Greg Hexum • Esko High School student athletes are busy people. Their academics must come first. Our school data indicates that Esko student-athletes, on average, have better state test scores that other members of the student body. We encourage participation in school activities!

    3. The Value of Participation • Decades of research prove that students who participate in high school activities tend to have: • higher grade-point averages • better attendance records • lower dropout rates • fewer discipline problems than non-participating students.

    4. National studies repeatedly report that high school activities: • build character • increase self-confidence • relieve tension • support classroom learning by generating school pride, a sense of community, and by nurturing a feeling of belonging that makes students want to achieve.

    5. These studies also show that students who participate in athletic and fine arts programs are more likely to: • graduate from high school • stay off drugs • attend college • avoid unwanted pregnancies. • Still, more statistics reveal that participation in activities encourages the aspirations of youth and provides young people with countless opportunities to develop leadership skills.

    6. A Minnesota study of more than 300 schools showed— • The average student had a grade-point average of 2.68 (on a 4.0 scale), but the grade-point average of student athletes was 2.84 and 2.98 for students involved in the fine arts—speech, drama, music and debate. • The average student was absent 8.76 days a year. • Athletes were absent 7.44 days. • Fine arts participants were absent only 6.94 days a year. Thank You!

    7. Essentia Health Sports Medicine – Trainer Tom Nooyen • 15 year co-operative relationship • My role as the Athletic Trainer • 1. Evaluation of Athletic injuries • 2. Rehabilitation of Athletic injuries • 3. Prevention of Athletic injuries

    8. Essentia Health Sports Medicine • Health History Form • 1. Option A is a mandatory signature • 2. Option B has some decisions you as parents can decline

    9. Essentia Health Sports Medicine • No fees generated here at school • If you go to a physician bring back a written note from the physician, with diagnosis and treatment permission. • Essentia Health does have the final decision when it comes to a diagnosis regarding your child. • Sexual harassment concerns I take very seriously.

    10. Essentia Health Sports Medicine • Because Esko and Essentia have this relationship does not mean you have to have medical care at Essentia, you go where insurance takes you. • Benefits to Essentia • 1. orthopedic evaluation same/next day • 2. easy communication between you, myself, physician and your child

    11. Essentia Health Sports Medicine • ImPact Neuro-cognitive testing • Who will be baseline tested • How often do we baseline test • How do we use ImPact to help with concussion management • Essentia Health’s sports medicine physicians / athletic trainers role for helping your child with concussion management

    12. Tom’s contact information • Cell 218-590-1056 • Clinic 786-3520 • School 879-1909 athletic office Thank You!

    13. How to find us… (Athletics) • Sport Registration • Forms (MSHSL Brochure and Physical, Essentia) (Esko High School) • “Notify Me” 218-879-1909 (Athletic Office) 218-879-6248 (FAX)

    14. MSHSL Eligibility • Making academic progress • Will not have turned age 20 • Physical exam - last 3 years • Have not transferred… • Four seasons, grades 9-12 • Have not dropped out or repeated..

    15. Eligibility Continued • $100 max • Non-school competition in the same sport • Have not/will not use, consume, possess, tobacco, alcohol or other controlled substances… • Harassment… Physical, Sexual, or Racial

    16. Eligibility • “I agree to fully cooperate in any investigation honestly and truthfully.” Denial Disqualification - Additional 9 weeks of suspension!

    17. Chemical Suspension 1st - 2 weeks/2 contests 2nd - 3 weeks/6 contests 3rd - 4 weeks/12 contests

    18. Suspension Responsibilities • Must be at all practices, meetings, scrimmages & games. • Must finish the season with the team where suspension was served. • Not eligible to earn varsity letter or be named captain during season of suspension.

    19. Chemical Violation Consequences Any violation will cause you to be no longer eligible for any post season honors or awards for one calendar year.

    20. Tips for Parents • Talk to your kids! Set firm boundaries and consequences regarding chemical use. • Act as a role model - be a parent first. • Store alcohol in your home responsibly. • Communicate with other parents.

    21. Student Code of Responsibility • I will respect the rights and beliefs of others and will treat others with courtesy and consideration. • I will be fully responsible for my own actions and the consequences of my actions. • I will respect the property of others. • I will respect and obey the rules of my school, and the laws of my community, state, and country. • I will show respect to those who are responsible for enforcing the rules of my school and the laws of community, state and country.

    22. Communication • Player to coach • Coach to player • Player & parent & coach • Player & parent & coach & AD

    23. Chain of Command • Concerns need to be addressed through the coach then me. • Do not approach School Board, Superintendent, or Principal. • Concerns will be heard after a 24 hour reflection (cooling) period. • Concerns regarding playing time or player comparisons will not be heard. • You are entitled to your opinion but we ask that you don’t share it in the bleachers, at events, at the Booster meetings, and most of all…in front of your child! • Get involved and enjoy the experience as best you can!

    24. Awareness Items: • Energy Drinks – not good! Impedes fluid absorption and can cause tachycardia (high heart rate). • Cell Phones/Facebook – be careful! • Sportsmanship – treat opposing players, fans, and officials with respect. • Parent Handbook

    25. Reminders (Forms annually) • MSHSL Eligibility Brochure – w/Concussion • Essentia Health Questionnaire • Current Physical • Sport Registration • Fees must be paid in the High School office and prior to participation. • 130 for participation in a C, JV, or Varsity team. • 60 for 7th and 8th grade teams. • Free and reduced lunch and payment plans.

    26. Participation Card • You will need to turn in all of the eligibility forms and register for your sport on the school website before you receive a participation card tonight. • Do not leave before all of your forms have been processed and you receive a participation card. • What do I do if I have a physical appointment later this week? • If you have any questions of me please stop in the athletic office after your meeting.

    27. THANK YOU!