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  1. Athletics Maximilien Job

  2. Athletics Athletics, also known as track and field or track and field athletics, is a collection of sports events that involve running, throwing and jumping. The name is derived from the Greek word "athlon" meaning "contest".

  3. Outdoor track and field • The outdoor track and field season usually begins in the spring and lasts through the summer. Most tracks are ovals of 400 meters in circumference. Modern "tartan tracks" are made with a rubberized surface; older tracks were cinder-covered. Tracks normally consist of 6-10 lanes and many include a steeplechase lane with a water pit on one of the turns. This steeplechase pit can be placed either inside or outside the track, making for a tighter turn or a wider turn. It is common that tracks will surround a playing field used for American football, football (soccer), or lacrosse. This inner field is usually known as the infield and has a surface of either grass or artificial turf

  4. 100m World records: Men:9"74 Women: 10.49 Sprints are short running races in athletics. They are roughly classified as events in which top runners will not have to "pace themselves", but can run as fast as possible for the entire distance.

  5. Shot put World records: Men:23,12 m Women: 22,63 m The shot put is an athletics (track and field) event involving "putting" (throwing in a pushing motion) a heavy metal ball (called the shot) as far as possible

  6. Hight jump World records: Men: 2,45 m Women: 2,09 m The high jump is an athletics (track and field) event in which competitors must jump over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights without aid of any devices. It has been contested since the Olympic Games of ancient Greece.

  7. Long jump World records : Men:8,95 m Women:7,52 m The long jump is an athletics (track and field) event in which athletes combine speed, strength, and agility in an attempt to land as far from the take-off point as possible.

  8. 1000m World records : Men:2.11.96 Women:2.28.98 Middle distance track events are track races longer than sprints up to (and arguably including) 5000 metres. Biological factors that go primarily into a middle distance racer are developed fast and slow twitch muscles fibers, adrenaline (usually for the final kick), anaerobic respiration (bringing it in after the final kick), racing tactics, and aerobic conditioning. The 1500 m has been estimated to require an equal contribution from fast and slow twitch muscles.

  9. Clothes One T-shirt One short Two legs (or only one) two Spikes shoes

  10. Spikes shoes • Spikes shoes are used to run on the Outdoor track Spikes