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Jesse James

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Jesse James
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  1. Jesse James The Life of Jesse James and his Banditry By: Roger A. Bruns

  2. The Train Jesse James stopped the Glendale train with rocks and a sign.

  3. Growing up in the Storm of War Jesse grew up during the civil war. When he was a teenager, he was trained to be a guerilla fighter with his older brother Frank with leader “Bloody” Bill Anderson.

  4. The Boy Guerilla Fighter Jesse James was younger than all the other guerilla fighters. Jesse was a very good warrior for his age. Better than “Bloody Bill Anderson! Jesse was sometimes called a “Robin Hood”.

  5. The Rise of the Bandit King Jesse grew up fighting and surviving on the run. He was a fighter all his life. He knew nothing but what the guerillas had told him. A lot of the guerillas were killed during the Civil War. He soon decided to make an outlaw gang. He robbed banks with his brother. Then soon came the Younger brothers. Jesse soon went to a higher state.

  6. Train Robbing The James gang soon added train robbing to there list. They did it by loosening rails, putting up signs, and piling up rocks on the tracks. Then, they would knock out the engineer, and find all the money from the train.

  7. The North Field Disaster There are a lot of people in North Field, and they were all ready for the gang. They tried to rob the bank, but they had to retreat. Cole Younger had a shot wound to his jaw, and Bob Younger’s shoulder was punctured

  8. Taking Jesse James Down Jesse had a wife named Zee, and their two children, Bob and Charlie, were eating. When Jesse turned his back, Charlie grabbed a revolver and shot Jesse through the head. Jesse James was dead!

  9. The Legend That Never Dies Jesse’s stories were put in books, movies, poems and songs. In one of the movies, Jesse’s son played Jesse James! Jesse James will always be remembered.