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  1. Jesse owen’s childhood Why is he Famous ? JESSE OWENS THE STORY OF HIS LIFE Marriage, comps And death Jesse Owens Quiz Play Jesse Owensrunning game

  2. The childhood of Jesse Owens • The Childhood of Jesse Owens On September 12, 1913, Jesse Cleveland Owens was born to the parents of Henry and Emma Owens in Oakville, Alabama. He grew up there until he was nine. While living in Oakville, he went by J.C. for short. James Cleveland was the youngest of ten children in his family. His siblings included six brothers, Prentice, Johnson, Henry, Ernest, Quincy, and Sylvester, and three sisters, Ida, Josephine, and Lillie.As most southern folks, the Owens were sharecroppers. They would plant cotton, corn, and many other crops  throughout the summers. Every year they would struggle to maintain a harvest to feed their family of 10. Jesse was able to attend school in a one room school house where he learned to read and write. In his spare time, Jesse enjoyed running around the farm. When Jesse Owens wrote his autobiography, he described his childhood as... • " I always loved running. I wasn't very good at it, but I loved it because it was something you could do all by yourself, under your own power. You could go any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind it you felt like it, seeking new sights just on the strength of your own feet and courage of your lungs."

  3. American track star Jesse Owens (1913-1980) became the hero of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, as his series of victories scored a moral victory for black athletes.Owens was a member of the 1936 U.S. Olympic team competing in Berlin. The African-American members of the squad faced the challenges not only of competition but also of Hitler's boasts of Aryan supremacy. Owens won a total of four gold medals at the Olympic games. As a stunned Hitler angrily left the stadium, German athletes embraced Owens and the spectators chanted his name. He returned to America to a hero's welcome, honoured at a ticker tape parade in New York. However, within months, he was unable to find work to finance his senior year of college. Owens took work as a playground supervisor, but was soon approached by promoters who wanted to pit him against race horses and cars. With the money from these exhibitions, he was able to finish school. Why is he famous ?

  4. JESSE OWENS COMPETTIONS , MARRIAGE AND DEATH • A hero is someone who can endure and overcome major challenges to achieve greatness. A hero never gives up. The thought never even crosses their mind. They are focused and determined on working long and hard to always try harder than their hardest. A hero is someone who does more than help themselves, they never abandon someone who is relying on them, and they always make the best of every situation. That is why my hero is Jesse Owens. • On the 5th of July 1935 Jesse Owens married Minnie Ruth Solomon a young women which he met during Fairmount junior high school. After Jesse's death, Ruth carried on his philanthropic work through the Jesse Owens Memorial Foundation, and watched over the family's interests when commercial enterprises

  5. QUIZ TIME What year was Jesse Owens born? A.1913B.1942C.1915 What was Jesse Owens career? A.Sport B.musicC.artist