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Challenges at the starting

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Challenges at the starting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project “Development of an HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Challenges at the starting. Funds mobilization. Challenges at the starting. Approach of MoD to HIV prevention: We don’t need condoms - our soldiers are totally isolated from sex

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Project “Development of an HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan”

challenges at the starting
Challenges at the starting
  • Funds mobilization
challenges at the starting1
Challenges at the starting

Approach of MoD to HIV prevention:

  • We don’t need condoms - our soldiers are totally isolated from sex
  • We don’t need International Consultant
  • We need only equipment
challenges at the starting2
Challenges at the starting
  • Pessimistic feelings towards Army Project
  • Delay with approval of the Project by MoD
actions taken
Actions taken
  • Involvement of TGand UNAIDS CC for CAR
  • Advocacy
  • Meetings with Heads of Departments of MoD
  • Ownership
mobilized funds
Mobilized Funds
  • UNAIDS - $ 49,900
  • UNDP - $ 5,000

Parallel funding:

  • WHO - $ - 1,000

In-kind Contribution:

  • UNFPA - $ 10,000 (condoms)
  • WHO
  • Ministry of Defense
additionally mobilized funds
Additionally mobilized funds

IEC materials

  • UNFPA – $ 5,000
  • UNDP – $ 5,000
  • World Bank – $ 5,000
  • UNICEF – $ 1,000
  • European Bureau of UNAIDS -10 000 plastic awareness cards(about $ 2,500)
  • UNESCO- 1000 posters(about $ 500)
  • TOTAL BUDGET – USD 97,942 without in kind contribution of MoD Uzbekistan
development of the education programme on hiv aids prevention for the military staff
Development of the education Programme on HIV/AIDS prevention for the military staff

Training of Trainers:

  • During two 5-days ToT– 46 people
  • Duringsix 3-daysToT– 136 people(additional to the Project)

Development of the methodology:

  • Workshops agenda was developed
  • Handout materials were developed, copied and provided to the participants of the trainings
  • “Methodic recommendations on TOT in the military units” were developed in Russian
  • The Programmes training of cadets on HIV prevention were developed.
  • The “Methodic recommendations for two stages of cadets’ training in higher military institutions and schools on sergeants training on HIV prevention” were developed
provision with iec materials
Provision with IEC materials

The materials were developed, produced and presented to the Ministry of Defense:

  • Manual for trainers “To the servicemen about HIV/AIDS” - - 2,000 copies
  • Educational set consisting of 10 posters
  • Booklet for military staff “Answers to 10 questions on HIV/AIDS” -18,000 copies
  • Pocket calendar with pocket for 1 condom– 25,000 copies
  • Table calendar with information on protected sex– 20,000 copies
  • The booklet for military staffand their familieswas developed and submitted for comments to WHO, Copenhagen
  • 30 copies of book “HIV in prisons” were handed out to the trainers of Tashkent military region (okrug). 120 copies are available in WHO, Uzbekistan.
  • Awareness card on HIV/AIDS for staff of uniformed services was translated into Uzbek. 1000 copies in Russian were presented to MOD. 9000 copies in Uzbek will be delivered from Copenhagen.
  • The received poster “Future without AIDS” was developed by UNESCO and presented to the MOD.
provision with training equipment
Provision with training equipment
  • 7 TVs
  • 7 VCRs
  • 20 flipchart stands
  • 2 screens for multimedia projectors
  • 7 multimedia projectors

were procured and transferred to the MOD for storage

establishment of condom provision system for military staff
Establishment of condom provision system for military staff
  • Condoms provided by UNFPA for USD 10,000 were handed out to the army units according to HIV/AIDS prevalence level and dislocation and army units activity
  • The agreement under the army units requests on place with the management of the Regional AIDS centers on condoms provision was achieved
  • The draft of Order of the Minister of Defense obliging outlets of “ Voentorg” (Military Trade) to have qualitative and cheap condoms on the territories of military camps was prepared.
introduction of syndromic approach to sti diagnostics and treatment
Introduction of syndromic approach to STI diagnostics and treatment
  • Two 3-days workshops were conducted and 53 army physicians were trained:
  • 18 – military dermato-venereologistsof military hospitals
  • 32 – army physicians from army units and divisions
  • 3 – teachers from medical Internship of MOD.
  • The medical drugs for STI treatment for USD 5,500 are being procured. They will be transferred to the Medical department of MOD
monitoring of kapb
Monitoring of KAPB
  • The questionnaire of the KAPB monitoring was developed and copied with quantity 2500 copies
  • The 1 stage of monitoring was conducted for determination of initial level of KAPB on HIV in 2 higher military institutions, 2 schools on sergeants training and 11 army units involving 1100 servicemen of Tashkent and Eastern military okrugs.
strategy of mod on hiv aids prevention
Strategy of MOD on HIV/AIDS prevention

The Orders of the Minister of Defense were issued:

  • №697 dated 21.10.03 on Project implementation
  • №57 dated 27.01.04 on putting into action the Sectoral plan on response to HIV/AIDS epidemic (3 hour training is envisaged for preparation of temporally mobilize reserve)
  • №630 dated 23.08.04 on putting into action the Program оf preparation and Methodic recommendations on trainings conduction in higher military institutions and schools on sergeants training on HIV prevention
  • 4 directives of the Deputy Minister of MOD on TOT conduction in Tashkent and military okrugs, on Workshops on syndromic approach and on KAPB monitoring were issued
  • Directives and orders of Heads of military okrugs headquarters were issued during the TOT preparation and before KAPB monitoring