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The Earth Day 2012 by the“Leopoldo Pirelli School ” PowerPoint Presentation
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The Earth Day 2012 by the“Leopoldo Pirelli School ”

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The Earth Day 2012 by the“Leopoldo Pirelli School ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Earth Day 2012 by the“Leopoldo Pirelli School ”

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  1. The EarthDay 2012 by the“Leopoldo Pirelli School”

  2. Our school celebrated the “Earth Day 2012” with a special event organized by the teacher Mrs De Marco and carried out by a number of Accountancy students.

  3. Students and teachers of the “Leopoldo Pirelli School” met on “Piazza Re di Roma” to show passing by people school-made objects such as shoppers, pins and earrings with recycled materials

  4. What is more the school’s projects based on biodiversity included the handing out of organic apples and specific information.

  5. At the stand representing the Italian energy company ENEL, representatives explained projects and activities on energy saving.

  6. A survey on safe environment and green behaviourwas made among the citizens who visited our stands or simply walked by.

  7. Furthermore another interview was given to the representative of ACEA, the Roman company that distributes water and energy. We asked the ACEA what it is doing to protect the environment.

  8. What does the ACEA do to protect the environment? To protect the environment the ACEA does a lot. Therefore speaking of environmental protection includes the safe-keeping and conservation of water, the rational use of energy as well as energy production from renewable energy sources. In particular as regards the production of energy from renewable sources, ACEA in Rome has developed projects dealing with the installation of photovoltaic and solar panels. Moreover ACEA is investing in renewable energy sources in order to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. As for water and its supply, ACEA is planning innovative projects especially for a more concious use of water. This means the safe-keeping of water, the reduction of losses and waste as well as its dispersion. Furthermore ACEA is concerned with the recycling of water. Instead of sewage going into landfills ACEA is now using it to produce compost and fertilizers. This measure saves the dispersion of sewage and produces environmentally friendly fertilizers so as to avoid the use of chemical ones. In addition ACEA gains energy from waste by modern incinerators that burn the waste which would otherwise be landfilled. To sum it all up ACEA’s principal aim is to reduce the dependence on fossil sources producing clean energy through renewable materials.

  9. Thank you for your attention! Made by Domiziana Lorenzetti Presented by Ilaria De Camillis Valerio Marisca