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ACHIEVE. By: Saraya Hyder Adebola Aderinto Joseph Ahn Arif Billah Esesuwa Iruobe. Our Mission:. To provide a comfortable and affordable shoe that any athlete can Achieve their highest potential. . Target Audience:. Anyone that is looking to exercise Ages 15 and up

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By: SarayaHyder


Joseph Ahn



our mission
Our Mission:

To provide a comfortable and affordable shoe that any athlete can Achieve their highest potential.

target audience
Target Audience:
  • Anyone that is looking to exercise
  • Ages 15 and up
  • Comfortable price range for a high quality shoe
  • Emphasize the comfort and affordability of Achieve shoes, thus creating brand loyalty.
  • Increase profits
  • Increase market share of our home, domestic and international markets.
  • Identify current issues with the product and marketing techniques.
  • Find solutions to correct current issues.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Obtain feedback from customers on effective marketing methods
  • Conduct research to help Achieve succeed
  • Push towards selling a higher version of the original product.
    • Finished as one of 3 teams selling Version 5 of the shoe
  • Build brand loyalty by emphasizing comfort and affordability
    • Decreased the selling price of the product to make it more affordable for customers and to attract new customers.
  • Create and maintain customer relationships
    • Finished with the best Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase market share in home, domestic, and international market
    • Total Market Share – 17.41%
      • Home – 20.69%
      • Domestic – 14.32%
      • Foreign – 19.77%
  • Decrease costs and increase sales
    • Increased our cumulative profit to $ 74,308,286  Highest
  • Expand successfully into home, domestic and international market
    • Decided to invest primarily in advertising followed by consumer promotions and then dealer promotions.
  • Beat out our competitors
    • Cumulative Profit – 1
      • Customer Satisfaction - 1
      • Profit this period – 2
      • Unit Sales this period – 2
      • $ Sales this period - 3
  • Set to fit the target audience
  • Affordable price = Higher Demand
  • Constantly tried to remain just below our competitors with our prices.
  • The brand name is also one that many consumers trust because it provides good value.
  • Succeeded in all three markets
  • By using promotion and price, we were able to establish a place in all the markets as well as a place in where we stood with our competitors.
  • Targeted both consumers and dealers
  • Equally promoted to both in every market and every month.
  • Quite effective as profits have been on the increase and cost declining.
  • Created to satisfy the consumers’ needs
  • Affordable for the target audience
  • Offers good value for its quality and price
  • Able to serve several purposes
  • Greatly invested in product development every decision.
  • Major goal: develop one of the best products but to sale it at one of the cheaper prices.

Main objective = high demand for the product build a customer base

  • Achieve this by lowering the price of the product at about period 6
  • Overall objective was to come out on top and exceed the performance of other competitors.
  • Beginning periods our performance was mediocre
  • Sales and growth began to pick up, putting the company at the #1 position for overall profits
  • The home market’s decisions were a prototype of what to do for the subsequent markets.

Average price – based off of the few times we invested in Market Research as well as how the market was growing or declining.

  • Average $ spent on Sales Promotions –started them off at $1,000,000 and accordingly lowered them when the market declined.
  • Average $ spent on advertising – We started them off at $2,000,000 and accordingly lowered them as well.
  • Average sales team size – Depending how strong the market was, we had sales team from 7-10 people.

Over time, we were also able to make decisions to lower costs after establishing a customer base in all markets.

  • For example, at period 6, we began to reduce our expenditures on product development.
  • Also began to lower costs in the home market by lowering advertising, consumer and dealer promotions which led to lowering in the other markets.

Did not place great emphasis

  • In the beginning periods, we only purchased research for the price of the product.
  • When entering the foreign market we purchased research for every aspect of the market.
  • New to the market, so it seemed to be a good idea to see where everyone else stood.
  • Went with how we felt Achieve would best succeed with little influence from our competitors except on pricing
  • How our competitors made decisions did not impact us
  • Continue to advance our version of Achieve
  • Continue the trend to lower cost of goods as sales increase. We would like to lower the cost of goods from $14.33 to $13 or less.
  • Find equilibrium between our expenses and revenue where we don’t have to change our decisions in a steady market but only in a changing one.
  • To remain on top of our competitors and continue to grow.