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Harper’s bazaar spread PowerPoint Presentation
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Harper’s bazaar spread

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Harper’s bazaar spread - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Harper’s bazaar spread

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  1. Harper’s bazaar spread

  2. ISSUE CHOSEN:“The Extra’s” February 2014 Since this particular spread is titled “The Extras”, I want to focus on accessories. I want to emphasize the color of the year, as well as focus on the same dress, model and location and only change the accessories.

  3. Meet the model:anastacialupu Anastacia is a model based out of Chicago, Illinois from Ford Modeling Agency. She would work perfectly for this spread because of her versatility. She can pull off any look and make it stunning, which is extremely important for this spread.

  4. The vision: Radiant Orchid is the color of 2014, and with that being said, it is the focus of my spread. Here we see it in flowers, home goods, on the streets, and the runway. I plan on incorporating accessories that are radiant orchid to each shot.

  5. The Location: This fairy-tale like forest will be perfect for the shot. The pale purples will contrast well with the radiant orchid accessories, and Anastacia’s light features will make her look like a princess and very whimsical.

  6. Look One: • This is the black dress that is constant in every shot. In this particular shot, the hair and make-up is more sexy and the radiant orchid is present in the lip color. By having just a simple black pump and dress, it allows the makeup to really make a statement.

  7. Look two: • Since the black dress is long-sleeve, I thought that this leather radiant orchid three quarter length jacket would look amazing. Keeping a simple pump, makeup and hair down, the focus is on the jacket, showing that the same dress and shoes can work in multiple ways.

  8. Look three: • In this shot, I want the hair up and off of Anastacia’s face, as well as keeping the makeup very simple with a cat-eye. Also, I want the shoes and handbag to be the focus and carrying the radiant orchid color.

  9. Look four: • Lastly, I want only the jewelry to be radiant orchid and everything else to be black. The strappy Louboutin heels and smoky eye makeup make this last look a little bit sexier, yet still classy and affordable.