Life After I-DEAS - Part I
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Life After I-DEAS - Part I FastTrack TDM to Teamcenter Migration Brian Garcia Metafore Sr. PLM Applications Engineer Matthew Peyton Moog Components Group Sr. Designer/CAD Administrator Agenda. Introductions TDM Audit Findings TDM Clean-up

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Life After I-DEAS - Part IFastTrack TDM to Teamcenter MigrationBrian GarciaMetaforeSr. PLM Applications Engineerbrian.garcia@meta-fore.comMatthew PeytonMoog Components GroupSr. Designer/CAD


  • Introductions

  • TDM Audit Findings

  • TDM Clean-up

  • Installation & Configuration of Teamcenter Engineering

  • Migration and Pilot Team Testing

  • TCE Training and TCE Cutover

  • NX Training & Configuration

  • What we learned

  • Q & A

Metafore who we are
Metafore - Who We Are

Metafore is an independent, vendor and technology neutral full service product lifecycle management (PLM) solution provider.

We help organizations to drive innovation, increase productivity, and improve operational effectiveness through the integration and resourceful utilization of PLM technologies, processes and practices.

We make PLM easy and affordable by offering:

  • PLM Consulting

  • PLM Systems Integration

  • PLM Operation and Support

  • PLM Software

  • PLM Hosting

  • PLM On-Demand

Moog components group blacksburg virginia
Moog Components GroupBlacksburg, Virginia

  • Moog Components Group is an innovative motion company with related design and manufacturing capabilities for optical components, fiber optics and electronic systems.

  • Motion Technology- High performance motors- Slip rings and fiber optic rotary joints- Actuators

  • Electronic Systems- Fiber optic switches- Fiber optic modems (FOM)- Avionics instruments and displays

Moog history
Moog History

  • Moog Corporation purchased Moog Components Group (formerly Poly-Scientific) in 2003. Moog Corporation has standardized Teamcenter Engineering with NX and has been a long time UGS/Siemens customer.

  • Moog Components Group, a division of Moog Inc., has been a long time I-DEAS CAD site with roughly 56 users.

  • They use Windows workstations and used I-DEAS Team Data Manager (TDM) for their data management system.

Moog cad objectives
Moog CAD Objectives

  • Moog Inc. is moving towards standardized data management systems right as the I-DEAS customers are being encouraged to launch the migration process to convert to NX as the replacement CAD system.

  • Moog is a highly multi-CAD environment with a desire to reduce the overall number of systems being supported enterprise wide while allowing the autonomy of each division’s engineering practices.

Moog components group blacksburg va fasttrack goals
Moog Components GroupBlacksburg, VA - FastTrack Goals

  • Teamcenter I-DEAS Integration (TCII) by Fall 2007

    • Independent of timing of moving to NX

  • Teamcenter NX Integration by the time new Moog engineering project start for 2008.

Tdm audit findings
TDM Audit Findings

  • During the week of June 10th , 2007 Metafore performed an audit of Moog’s I-DEAS Team Data Manager (TDM)

  • At the time, Moog was on I-DEAS 12M2

  • 10 year old TDM

  • 2,064 Projects

  • Evaluate the TDM for cleanliness and run miadmin (metadata integrity administration)

Miadmin results
miadmin results

3 MISSING_ITEM_NAME errors found

32 MULTIPLE_ITEM_NAMES errors found

15654 MISSING_PART_NUMBER errors found







6104 DUPLICATE_PART_NUMBER errors found

7808 DUPLICATE_ITEM_NAME errors found



920 ITEM_NAME_TOO_LONG errors found

308 PART_NUMBER_TOO_LONG errors found

Miadmin analysis
miadmin Analysis


  • The MULTIPLE_ITEM_NAMES, MISSING_ITEM_NAME and DUPLICATE_ITEM_NAME errors do not need to be fixed, since Teamcenter keys on part number rather than item name.

  • The ITEM_NAME_TOO_LONG can be ignored.

  • The PART_NUMBER_TOO_LONG conditions should be addressed. 32 characters for the Teamcenter Item Number

  • The INVALID_COPY_OF_MIGRATED_DRAWING and INVALID_MIGRATED_DRAWING_ATTRIBUTE errors can usually be automatically fixed by an miadmin update.

  • MULTIPLE_MIGRATED_DRAWINGS were fixed by breaking the association of incorrect Migrated Drawings by manually entering BREAK_RELATIONSHIP keyword in the Action field.

Feature migration status nov 2006
Feature Migration Status (Nov. 2006)

  • Average 95.7% feature migration success rate

    • Example: 100 parts each with 100 features = total 10000 features and 9570 features migrate to NX exactly as if created natively in NX (including sketches, constraints and geometry fidelity)

  • 1.8% of remaining failed features migrate in yellow status (final geometry and features okay, but maybe a missing constraint in a sketch)

    • Average repair time 2 minutes

  • Remaining failed feature data is stored in data access features and take on average 10 minutes to repair

    • Example: 100 parts with 100 features = 10000 features. 9570 pass, 180 yellow features at 2 minutes repair time per feature and 250 features at 10 minutes repair time per feature for a total repair time estimate on average of (2860 minutes) 48 hours per 10000 features

  • Individual customer pass rate is given by audit and is accurate +-1% or less

Feature audit tool results
Feature Audit Tool Results

  • With the release of NX5, many of the Moog unmigrated features for Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings are resolved leaving approximately less than 5% not migrated.

  • Yielded a high rate of confidence to proceed with project

  • For Teamcenter I-DEAS Integration (TCII), the first phase of the project, this is a non-issue. The I-DEAS data features are not migrated. I-DEAS metadata is only imported (migrated) into Teamcenter.

Tdm clean up
TDM Clean-up

  • Overall, the miadmin analysis was very clean and the I-DEAS Admin had done an excellent job maintaining the TDM after 10 years.

  • The Moog strategy to correct the miadmin errors was an aggressive one.

  • Major Cleanup work started on July 9 thru 24

  • Cleaning took approximately 20 days spread across 4 months before GO LIVE for TCII

Tdm clean up strategy
TDM Clean-up strategy

  • Missing parts numbers were assigned generic part numbers, such as, NOPN-00000

  • Duplicate part number errors were resolved by checking what TDM libraries the items were in. Lots of hardware copies by users in personal Project/Libraries. Appended copies with “_DUP1”, “_DUP2”, etc.

  • This was not ALWAYS the case, so at times there was some user discretion in determining the correct master, but usually there was a focus on quickness than accuracy due to the chaotic nature of the TDM.

Tdm clean up strategy excel work
TDM Clean-up strategy – Excel work

  • Another important factor for the quick clean-up was the Excel spreadsheet technique used by Moog.

  • There was a team of about 4 people that did the clean-up.

  • Everyday a new report was created from miadmin and the excel file was put on a network location.

  • Excel has a "share" option which allows multiple users to manipulate the document at once and it updates all changes each time you save. 

  • To keep people from overwriting each other or doing duplicate work, there were a range of numbers in Excel assigned to each person, so every day “user X” would do cells 101 thru 400, and “user Y” would do 401 thru 800, etc...  Then at the end of the day, the changes would be updated into TDM and the process would be repeated the next day. Scan, Analyze, and Update.

Installation versions of software used
InstallationVersions of Software Used

  • Upgraded to NX I-DEAS 5

  • The compatibility of each release gets better and we want to utilize the most up to date functionality and robustness of all software products when possible.

  • Better content migration with NX I-DEAS 5 to NX 5

  • Teamcenter Engineering 2005 SR1 MP1

  • Teamcenter I-DEAS Integration

  • NX I-DEAS 5m1

  • NX

Installation configuration of teamcenter engineering
Installation & Configuration of Teamcenter Engineering

  • Server install was done on a virtual machine. This is becoming more of a “Best Practice” because of the ease of recovery.

    • Host Server – Dell PowerEdge 6950

      • 32GB – 42 GB RAM

      • 4 Dual Core 2.8Ghz AMD Opteron Processor

      • All drives reside on an EMC CX340 SAN

    • VM Server 1 – Database Server

      • Microsoft Server 2003 R2 SP2

      • 2GB RAM

      • 1 Dual Core 2.8Ghz AMD Opteron Processor

    • VM Server 2 – Web and Visualization Server

      • Microsoft Server 2003 R2 SP2

      • 3GB RAM

      • 1 Dual Core 2.8Ghz AMD Opteron Processor

More on server installation
More on Server Installation

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition was chosen for the database component.

  • 3 databases were created. Development (DV), Quality Assurance (QA), and Production (PD).

  • This would allow for test migrations, trials with different configurations, and training in the QA and DV databases without compromising the Production (PD) database.

  • Installation of Engineering Translation Services (ETS) was also performed.

Migration and pilot team testing
Migration and Pilot Team Testing

  • Sample migrations of TDM data into Teamcenter were preformed on the QA database and tested

  • The QA database was populated with 100’s of parts, assemblies and drawings for the Pilot Team to manipulate and test the functionality of the Teamcenter I-DEAS Integration (TCII)

  • 6 pilot team users from different departments and disciplines tested the TCII for several weeks performing daily tasks as they did before with I-DEAS TDM

  • After validation of QA, the production database (PD) was populated with all the TDM datasets.

Migration to production pd
Migration to Production (PD)


for I-deas


  • While Metafore was importing items into the Teamcenter QA database, two Moog personnel were trained on how to run the migration batch files into Teamcenter.

  • Migration of all TDM data into the Production database was done by the Moog I-DEAS Administrator which was now becoming the Teamcenter Database Administrator.

  • The migration work was spread over several days during a two time period.

Team Data Manager


Teamcenter Engineering

Metadata Migration





Team Data



Tce training and tce cutover
TCE Training and TCE Cutover

  • While the Pilot Team tested TCII in QA, the remaining I-DEAS, Pro/E, and Solidworks users were trained to use Teamcenter with I-DEAS.

  • The Moog Information Technology (IT) department put together a final image for client machines and was pushed out over the remaining weeks leading up to the cutover.

  • A delta migration was run the weekend before GO LIVE TCII to find the new I-DEAS data in the existing TDM that had been created during the transition months.

  • Using dmadmin, you can export a file by date which gave us a short list of items to migrate before cutting over to Teamcenter.

Tce in production use with i deas
TCE in Production Use with I-DEAS

  • October 29, 2007 TCII - GO LIVE

  • Metafore was on-site to support the transition and shake out the system, if needed.

  • The Teamcenter interface takes some getting use to for any user.

  • Finding items in Teamcenter is different than TDM but more powerful

  • Once users understood how to use the new TDM attribute queries, life after I-DEAS TDM was a little easier

  • Renaming items in Teamcenter is very difficult

  • The inability to run Ham_Medic with Teamcenter created additional work for users. Fixed in newer versions of TCII.

The one path to nx definition understanding for users
The “One Path” to NX: Definition & Understanding for users

  • “One Path” is a set of options that must be used in the migration from I-deas to NX through Teamcenter Engineering

    • One Version Per Revision

      • During Metadata Migration

      • During Save to Teamcenter Engineering

    • Part, Assembly, Drawing & FEM Datasets

      • Each Dataset Type in It’s Own Item Revision

      • No Two Dataset Types in the Same Item Revision

  • During the transition to TCII, ALL I-DEAS users need to go up this learning curve and understand this how this works to avoid confusion.

Nx training
NX Training

  • While the current I-DEAS users were getting up to speed on TCII, training laptops were prepared for NX training to complete the final phase of the project.

  • From November 5 – December 21, 2007, NX Basic Training was offered on-site by Metafore to all CAD users.

  • The training was two weeks long for each group. There were two - 4 hour sessions per day with a maximum of 8 students in each group to allow for a good student to teacher ratio. This also allowed flexibility so people had the rest of the day to get their other required job tasks done.

Nx teamcenter configuration
NX/Teamcenter Configuration

  • During the NX Training period, Metafore and Moog personnel configured NX and Teamcenter Production environment according to “Best Practices”.

  • Environment variables were set. (ugii_env.dat, etc.)

  • Custom Moog templates for NX were created and imported into Teamcenter.

  • NX preferences and drafting standards were set.

  • Other setup (as we came across them) required for a smooth transition from I-DEAS, Solidworks, Pro/E to NX for the Moog CAD user.

  • Others will be covered in Part 2 of the Life After I-DEAS Presentation on Wednesday, June 4th 4:15pm (time?)

Nx cad begins at moog
NX CAD Begins at Moog

  • GO LIVE date – January 2nd, 2008

  • Only a half dozen users used NX initially. Tool designers, R&D dept. , and some Drafting Designers

  • Other users were wrapping up project still in I-DEAS

  • Status today June 2008

    • 50/50 user split right now, but with all the heavy CAD users using NX

    • All new jobs are started in NX, and I-DEAS jobs are still being finished in I-DEAS

What we learned
What We Learned

  • In the end, the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The I-DEAS to NX/Teamcenter was complete in 6 months.

  • The Migration Tools are more powerful than ever. In the CAD World, nothing like this has been done before and the support from UGS/Siemens is strong. There’s always room for improvement, but there is some great support from our community.

  • Keep sending people to PLM World and shaking some trees to find out the “Best Practices”. They are ever-changing.

  • Get people involved that have been using I-DEAS for a long time

  • With the help of company management to clear road blocks and keep committed to getting the job done, the project moved along at a steady pace. Attitude is everything.

  • Issues come up and it’s a given. Staying calm and even keeps the project moving along schedule.


  • The Continuation of this story,

    Life After I-DEAS – Part II NX/Teamcenter Integration

    Wednesday, June 4th 4:15pm(time?). See you there.


Thank You!Brian GarciaMetaforeSr. PLM Applications Engineerbrian.garcia@meta-fore.comPhone: 503-236-0975Matthew Peyton Moog Components GroupSr. Designer/CAD