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Valley Forge

Valley Forge. Caroline Herrin, Leah Sichenzio. Valley Forge.

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Valley Forge

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  1. Valley Forge Caroline Herrin, Leah Sichenzio

  2. Valley Forge Valley Forge was the camp of the Continental Army, about 20 miles south of Philadelphia, where George Washington's troops stayed from December 1777 to June 1778. The beginning of the months of Valley Forge percentage of the most conflict. Most soldiers when without warm clothing or boots. Many men were suffering from sickness and starvation. There was little supply stock most soldiers provided their own guns. Many officers went unpaid there was no money.

  3. Who Won? At Valley Forge, the Continental Army was fighting the winter starvation and sickness. Many soldiers lost their lives or severely weakened by this collection of struggles. However, in the end, George Washington emerge with his men in tact… • his men in tact…

  4. How Did They Win?(Survive) Even though the winter of Valley Forge been a challenge for all the men in the Continental Army, there were some upsides to the struggles that pulled in through, and made them a better fighting force for it. Barinaga stick Vons Duvan a European military officer, served as the inspector general and major event general for the Continental Army with the harsh winter and the barons intense military tactics and training's drills, the army became incredibly disciplined and highly skilled at battle.

  5. Significance To the entire course of the Continental Army had taken, Valley Forge was a very important piece to the Revolutionary war. The long harsh winter created a strong bond between the soldiers, and the intense training made for force to be reckoned with. Gen. Washington's army had to be born, and cause major turning point in the war.

  6. Interesting Fact: For food, minute Valley Forge gathered with other random, sometimes even inedible supplies they could create a stew. On Christmas eve however, the soldiers celebrated by rubbing your feet and rags over the frostbite, and ate rice vinegar after meal! The side of the Valley Forge Camp is now a state park.

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