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DC Area Snipers. malvo. John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo. 19 Sniper Attacks 13 Deaths. Muhammed. 41 Years Old Gulf war Veteran Twice Divorced Islam Convert. Malvo. Mother Abandoned Malvo to Muhammed. When Do Serial Killers Stop Killing? . Only When They are Caught or Killed.

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DC Area Snipers

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john allen muhammad and john lee malvo
John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo
  • 19 Sniper Attacks
  • 13 Deaths
  • 41 Years Old
  • Gulf war Veteran
  • Twice Divorced
  • Islam Convert
  • Mother Abandoned Malvo to Muhammed
psychoanalytic theory

Psychoanalytic Theory

I was Guilty Even before I committed the crime.

  • The Actions and Behavior of an Adult are Understood in Terms of Childhood Development
  • Behavior and Unconscious are Related
  • Criminality is Psychological Conflict
psychodynamic perspective

Psychodynamic Perspective

Something that Happened in the Past Affected the Way a Person is Today

psychodynamic perspective13

Psychodynamic Perspective

Looking Deep Into the Mind of the Criminal will Unlock why a Person Commits Criminal Acts

psychoanalytic theory criminal behavior comes from 3 possible causes
Psychoanalytic Theory: Criminal Behavior comes From 3 Possible Causes:
  • Overbearing Conscience
  • Weak Conscience
  • Immediate Gratification
overbearing conscience
Overbearing Conscience
  • A Conscience so Overbearing it Arouses Feelings of Guilt
weak conscience

Weak Conscience

A Conscience so Weak it Cannot Control its Impulses

immediate gratification
Immediate Gratification
  • Immediate Satisfaction of the Impulses of a Person
case study richard
Case Study: Richard
  • 6 Years old When He Committed his First delinquent Act
  • Stole a Comic Book
richards parents
Richards Parents
  • Father, an alcoholic
  • Killed in an Automobile Accident
  • Mother Abandoned her Children
  • In and out of Foster Homes
  • Daytime Burglaries
  • Night Time Auto Thefts
  • At 20 Years Old, Received 10 years for Armed Robbery
  • Being Caught for Stealing made him feel less Guilty
    • About Hating his Mother and Father
  • Stealing did not Violate his Principles
  • Stealing Gave Richard Immediate Gratification
text page 153 figure 6 2

Text Page 153 Figure 6.2

Psychodynamic or Psychoanalytic Theory

viennese psychiatrist sigmund freud 1856 1939
Viennese Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
  • Abnormal Behavior comes from Interruptions in a Person’s Development
  • The Period of Interruption is a Fixation
psychodynamic theory
Psychodynamic Theory
  • Unconscious Conflicts
  • Defenses
  • Tendencies
  • Anger
  • Sexuality
the id ego and superego

The id, ego and superego

Human Personality Contains a Three Part Structure

the id
The id
  • The Primitive Part
  • Seat of all Irrational, Antisocial and Instinctual Behavior
the ego
The ego
  • The Conscious or Rational Part of the Mind: Reality Principle
  • The ego develops when a child finds that some things cannot be immediately gratified
the superego
The superego
  • The Moral Judgment of the mind
  • Passes judgments on behavior
  • Divided into two parts:
    • Conscience
    • Ego Ideal
psychosexual stages of development eros
Psychosexual Stages of Development : eros
  • Oral Stage
    • First Year of Life
  • Anal Stage
    • Second and Third Year
  • Genital Stage
    • Third year to Latency
  • Latency
    • Sixth Year to Puberty
  • Genital
    • Puberty to Adult


Interrupted or Incomplete Development at any Stage

  • Oedipus Complex
    • Males with Sexual Feelings for Mothers
  • Electra complex
    • The Female Version
abnormal behavior
Abnormal Behavior
  • Neurotics
  • Psychotics
  • Schizophrenics
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Identity Crisis
  • I am Losing control of my Mind
  • Add Hallucinations, voices and odors: Schizophrenia: MARKED BY INAPPROPRIATE RESPONSES
inferiority complexes
Inferiority Complexes
  • Appear to Have a Drive to Superiority
  • Adler(1870-1937)
treatment of mentally defective criminals
Treatment of Mentally Defective Criminals
  • They are not Evil and Sick Persons
  • They are not Responsible for their Actions
  • Punishment will only Complicate Treatment
  • Why Not Just Release Criminals?