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Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis. The Hershey Theatre . Stephanie Shutter. Intro Audience Media Outlets Reach/ Frequency & GRPS Final Media Audience Analysis References . Media Plan .  Hershey Theatre, is a non-profit organization which is supported by the M.S. Hershey Foundation.

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audience analysis

Audience Analysis

The Hershey Theatre

Stephanie Shutter



Media Outlets

Reach/ Frequency & GRPS

Final Media Audience Analysis


Media Plan


 Hershey Theatre, is a non-profit organization which is supported by the M.S. Hershey Foundation.

    • The foundation is dedicated to Milton S. Hershey’s vision through cultural and educational experiences
  • For 75 years the theatre has provided Downtown Hershey with
    • Broadway Shows
    • Concerts
    • Classic Films
    • Variety of Entertainment
  • The theatre provides an educational experience for all ages
      • Workshops throughout the year
      • Spotlight tour
      • Internship opportunities.
      • Local high school students have an opportunity to be recognized for outstanding
      • achievements in a musical or play productions.
      • Each year the Hershey theatre presents Apollo Awards
  • Hershey Theatre attracts audiences of all ages through a variety of programs that combine educational and cultural experiences for the entire family
  • The Audience Consist of :
    • Couples/families
    • Youth/teens/young adults
    • Companies


Couples and families: Many of the current members indicate they are married. Majority of the members probably live within the area and the age range is approximately 30 and older. The audience is mature; some might have higher education, while others might have already started a family.



Persona: Mr. and Mrs. Clark have been members of the Hershey Theatre for over five years. The Clarks live locally about 30 to 45 minutes away from Downtown Hershey. They enjoy going to the concerts, seeing the fantastic Broadway shows and other Entertainment. The educational opportunities that were offered to their children caught their attention after a school trip. Also their friends with college degrees helped spark there interest in going to events they wouldn’t normally go to. The special group rates offered a deal that was worth trying. The couple has been hooked ever since.

media outlets
Media Outlets
  • There are four forms of media that I think will benefit the Hershey Theatre.
    • KAPP Merchandiser
    • Clipper Magazine
    • Radio: WQIC / WLBR
    • Billboards
kapp merchandiser

KAPP Merchandiser :is distributed to over 300,000 homes through 11 editions in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. The target audience is 25 years or older.

KAPP Merchandiser

I would suggest that the theatre advertise in seven community editions reaching a circulation of 205,940. The areas include Hershey, Lebanon, Myerstown, Dauphin, and all three editions in Reading. All seven community editions are within a reasonable location to Hershey.


Clipper Magazine

I would suggest at least three (3) issues, which will reach about 16 percent with frequency of 2 Half of a page ad would be affective and costs $500 per issue. For one of the issues it would be great if Hershey Theatre would feature on front or back cover of the magazine. The cost runs around $1,800 per household area (20,000 -27,000). This approach costs more, but I think for one issue it would be very beneficial.

  • The station’s format is soft rock with a variety of music suitable for businesses and
  • employees to listen to while at work. It’s also family oriented.
  • The cost is about $200 a week
  • By advertising on both stations with an adult GRP rate of 100. The reach is about 32 percent with a frequency of 3
  • If the theatre would like to have higher rate percentage they might want to go with 200 GRPs. The reach rate would be 38 percent with the frequency of 5.3).
  • However if the theatre only wants to advertise on one station I would proposed a 200 GPS. The reach rate will be 26 percent. The frequency of 8.
  • Either way radio spots seem to be reasonable
  • Billboards are very expensive, however maybe the theatre can work something out and be displayed next to Hershey Entertainment ads.
  • A junior poster in Central Pennsylvania at Lamar Advertising with 25 GRPs and 24 panels runs at $6,000.
  • However, Hershey Theatre does not need all those panels, the price may drop some, but still may not be affordable.
  • A permanent billboard with 25 GRPs would cost even more ($10,000).
  • Seven posters or billboards on busy routes include 80 and route 11 it could be a successful approach.
  • Billboards rates are for four weeks and unless arrangements with Hershey Entertainment it may not be in the best interest for a non-profit.
  • Instead posters can be displayed on Hershey property and attract travelers that way.
final media audience analysis
Final Media Audience Analysis
  • I feel confident in the media choices that I have chosen for the Hershey Theatre. Out of all the ideas that I proposed KAPP Merchandiser, Clipper Magazine, Radio stations WLBR/WQIC and Billboards all would benefit the company. I hope that the Hershey Theatre will use some of my suggestions for future advertisement. I look forward to seeing the Hershey Theatre celebrate its 100th anniversary dedicated to the Milton S. Hershey legacy.
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