plot structure and conflict in literary works n.
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Plot Structure and Conflict in Literary Works PowerPoint Presentation
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Plot Structure and Conflict in Literary Works

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Plot Structure and Conflict in Literary Works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plot Structure and Conflict in Literary Works

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  1. Plot Structure and Conflict in Literary Works

  2. Plot Elements • Exposition: the part of the work that introduces the characters, setting, and basic situation. • Conflict: a struggle between opposing forces • Rising Action: any action in a story which builds to the climax/turning point of that story.

  3. Plot Elements (continued) • Climax: the high point of interest or suspense in a literary work; the turning point of action in a literary work. • Falling Action: any action in a literary work occurring between the Climax and the Resolution • Resolution/Denouement: the conclusion of a work in which all or most conflicts are settled

  4. Conflicts: the primary focus of this presentation • Conflicts may be External or Internal: External: occurring outside of the body. For example: A gang fight. Internal: occurring within the body For example: A psychological problem

  5. Man vs. Man Man vs. Supernatural Man vs. Nature Man vs. Machines Man vs. Animals Man vs. Self The Six Types of Conflicts Which of these conflicts is internal?

  6. State (1) the conflict and (2) the type of conflict for each of the works to follow. • For example: An article about the Civil War may include several different types of conflict. One of these conflicts is • The Union soldiers vs. the Confederate soldiers. • The type of conflict is • 2. MAN vs. MAN

  7. The Phantom Horses on Rock Creek Narrator/performer Wills, Jim Interviewer(s) Hufford, Mary

  8. Two Warriors in Battle Dress Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942, photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED [1895] NOTES Based on hair style and head bands, appear to be Solomon Islanders.

  9. [Occupational portrait of a woman working at a sewing machine]. OTHER TITLES Seamstress. CREATED/PUBLISHED [ca. 1853] NOTES Photographer unidentified. Published under the title: "Seamstress." The Seamstress

  10. Hunting Party at Dry Lake

  11. Hunting Party at Dry LakeCredits: Hunting party at Dry Lake, North Dakota, 1909 CREATED/PUBLISHED 1909. SUMMARY Three hunters and their car. They are eating, two are holding bottles in their hands, and there is a picnic basket on the ground. Each of them has a firearm.

  12. Crazy JaneCredits Crazy Jane. Andrews', Printer, 38 Chatham Street, N. Y., [n. d.] IMPRINT New York, New York: J. Andrews RELATED NAME(S) Publisher: J. Andrews SHELF LOCATION American Songs and Ballads, Series 1, Volume 1

  13. Assignment: • After viewing the previous slides and deciding on possible conflicts and types of conflicts for each, write a story. • Use one of the slides as inspiration for your story. • Your story must include all elements of plot structure. • You must state and describe the elements of the plot on a separate document. • The story may be typed. Begin now. • Feel free to view the slide show again.

  14. The End A Ginny Lawton Presentation