ger cer verbs n.
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-ger & -cer verbs

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-ger & -cer verbs. -er verbs with one difference. je mang e tu mang es il/elle/on mang e. nous mang e ons vous mang ez ils/elles mang ent. -ger verb endings are just like –er verbs, except the nous form keeps the e before adding on –ons: mang er (to eat). More –ger verbs.

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ger cer verbs

-ger & -cer verbs

-er verbs with one difference

je mange

tu manges

il/elle/on mange

nous mangeons

vous mangez

ils/elles mangent

-ger verb endings are just like –er verbs, except the nous form keeps the e before adding on –ons: manger (to eat)
more ger verbs
More –ger verbs

changer to change

échanger to exchange

corriger to correct

déranger to disturb

encourager to encourage

voyager to travel

je commence

tu commences

il/elle/on commence

nous commençons

vous commencez

ils/elles commencent

-cer verb endings are just like –er verbs, except the c in the nous form becomes ç to keep the soft s sound like in the other forms: commencer (to begin, start)

  • Use commencer + à + another verb in the infinitive to mean to start to do something:

Nous commençons à travailler après le weekend.

We start working after the weekend.

more cer verbs
More –cer verbs

placer to put

prononcer to pronounce

remplacer to replace

avancer to go forward

lancer to throw/launch