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To describe who the Douai Martyrs were (L3) PowerPoint Presentation
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To describe who the Douai Martyrs were (L3)

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To describe who the Douai Martyrs were (L3) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To describe who the Douai Martyrs were (L3)

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  1. The Douai Martyrs • To describe who the Douai Martyrs were (L3) • To explain why it was dangerous to be a Catholic in England 1550-1650 • To evaluate why martyrs choose to die for Christ

  2. Henry VIII – made Church of England, executed Catholics, especially monks & priests, stole & destroyed church property. Died Catholic. PROT Edward VI – died age 15 PROT Lady Jane Grey – 9days CATH “Bloody” Queen Mary – burnt 300 heretics in 3 years, simply because they were Protestants PROT Elizabeth I – reigned almost 50 years, up to 1603. People mostly fined if caught being Catholic. The Pope excommunicated her 12 years into her reign. After this arrests/ executions of Catholics got worse – total about 300 executed._________________ PROT James I (likes Catholics until Guy Fawkes tries to blow him up) CATHCharles I EXTREME PROT Oliver Cromwell. 1650-58. PURITAN PROT (deathbed CATH) Charles II CATH James II -> William & Mary PROTs from Holland Why did England’s religious history keep changing for 180 years after Henry VIII? Draw a flow diagram up to No.5 (Elizabeth) to show this. **When do you think Catholics would have suffered most?

  3. Douai was a college in France, for training English priests. Since priests were forbidden in England, anyone who wanted to be a priest had to go to Douai, in France. Some of these priests actually wanted to return to England, and risk arrest and death, because they felt it was very important to keep the faith alive, & give the Eucharist, to the few secret Catholics that were left. In 100 years from Elizabeth I on, 160 Douai priests were caught and executed. They are the Douai Martyrs. HW Write a last letter to your family, explaining why you are leaving England, to study to be a priest at Douai in France. Explain that one day, you want to return, but then it will be too dangerous for them to be seen with you.

  4. What was Douai?

  5. St John Southworth St Edmund Campion Two Douai Martyrs Read the information on your sheet. Mindmap key facts about your saint. Compare your saint with your partner. Together, find 2 similarities, 3 differences. Write them in a table. **Why do you think they felt it was so important to keep on risking their life? What would happen if they didn’t??

  6. Why did the Douai Martyrs come back to England to face arrest/ death? • People need the Sacraments- to be nourished by God’s life. Only a priest can do that. 1. Find 4 other people with different reasons from yours. Make a group of five, and write your reasons on a piece of poster paper. 2. Star the most important reaason. Explain why. • If I, as a priest, don’t stand up for my faith, ordinary Christians might think it is OK to believe whatever you want. • If I deny my faith, I am denying Jesus, who loved me enough to die for me • I vowed to be a priest forever, and do God’s work. I cannot betray God. • Life means nothing, if I’m not true to myself. You have to follow your conscience.

  7. What was Douai?Why did the Douai Martyrs want to risk coming back to England?