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Group 6: Geographical Resources

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Group 6: Geographical Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LIS 6120 – Access to Information Professor Jen Pecoskie. Group 6: Geographical Resources. Geographical Societies and Associations Smriti Grover March 18, 2013. Geographical Societies & Associations. Common Functions and Objectives:. Initiate and coordinate geographical research

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group 6 geographical resources

LIS 6120 – Access to Information

Professor Jen Pecoskie

Group 6:Geographical Resources

Geographical Societies

and Associations

Smriti Grover

March 18, 2013

geographical societies associations
Geographical Societies & Associations

Common Functions and Objectives:

  • Initiate and coordinate geographical research
  • Promote participation of geographers to increase awareness about geography
  • Promote education and application of geography; scientific discussions and publications
  • Promote understanding of our planet, environment, people, culture and history
some prominent geographical societies
Some Prominent Geographical Societies
  • In USA:

American Geographical Society

Association of American Geographers

National Geographical Society

  • In UK:

Geographical Association

Royal Geographical Society

  • In Canada:

Canadian Association of Geographers

Royal Canadian Geographical Society

  • Global:

International Geographical Union

american geographical society
American Geographical Society
  • Founded in 1851
  • Oldest geographical organization in USA
  • Headquarters in New York, NY
  • Comprises largely of professional geographers. Hence, reliable source of information for government and students
  • Mission: Link business, professional and scholarly worlds in the creation and application of geographical knowledge and techniques to address economic, social and environmental problems (American Geographical Society. Retrieved March 15, 2013 from
american geographical society1
American GeographicalSociety

Geographical Review : contains original and authoritative articles on all aspects of geography, regional issues, book reviews

  • Publications:
  • Website:

Hosts an extensive map collection. AGS Library online provides cartographic, photographic, monographic and GIS Data through UWM Libraries

FOCUS on Geography: Full color quarterly journal. Contains articles by academic & professional geographers, maps and photos

Retrieved from www.amergeog .org

national geographic society
National Geographic Society
  • Founded in 1888
  • Located in Washington D.C.
  • One of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world
  • Mission: To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical and natural resources(National Geographic. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  • Geo-literacy efforts through publications, online resources for teachers of all grades and students
  • Daily news and latest developments on webpage and television broadcast
national geographic society1
National Geographic Society
  • Publications/ Magazines:

Easy to understand, attractive layout to inspire knowledge about our planet

    • National Geographic Magazine
    • National Geographic for kids
    • National Geographic Little kids
    • National Geographic Traveler
  • Television:
    • National Geographic Channel
    • Nat Geo Wild
    • Geographic Series on PBS
    • Films and documentaries
  • Website:www.national
    • Current, reliable and free information supported by research on topics such as travel, photography, environment conservation, maps and daily news on geography

Illustrations retrieved March 14,2013.

association of american geographers
Association of American Geographers
  • Founded in 1904.
    • Later amalgamated with American Society of professional geographers in 1948
  • Current Headquarters in Washington, DC
  • Publications:
    • The Annals of the Association of American Geographers: Original innovative peer reviewed articles with emphasis on Environmental Sciences and GIS. Available online for members
    • The professional Geographer: Short articles on academic and applied geography; book reviews; new ideas and philosophy
    • AAG Newsletter : Latest research and developments
    • Guide to Geography Progress in America: for prospective students to the degree and certification programs
association of american geographers1
Association of American Geographers
  • Upcoming publication:

AAG International Encyclopedia of geography, 15 Volumes. Hardcover and Digital copy. Aimed to be an authoritative reference work in the field of geography. Contributions by professional geographers, GIS scientists and geographic societies from all over the world

  • Website:
    • Extremely interactive with precise, current, and reliable information by authoritative figures in the field of geography
    • Providing interactive discussions and blog
    • Easy online access to publications
royal geographical society
Royal Geographical Society
  • Founded in 1830 as UK’s learned society & professional body for geography and geographers
  • Headquarters located in Kensington, London, UK
  • Objective: Advancing geography and geographical education
  • RGS-IBG support and promote geographical research, fieldwork and expeditions
  • Involved in policy issues and professional accreditation
  • Publications:

The Geographical Journal: Focuses on public debates and policy oriented agendas

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers:

One of the foremost journals of geographical research

royal geographical society1
Royal Geographical Society
  • Publicationscontinued……

WIREs Climate Change:

Review journal providing encyclopedic reference for climate change. Developed in association with Royal Meteorological Society

Guides of Researches: Free downloadable guides to publish research work

  • Website:
    • Access to contents of the journals, expedition training

advice, latest advancements under ‘Geography Today’

    • Relevant Links based on your specific interest in the

‘Who are you’ section

geographical association
Geographical Association
  • Founded in 1893
  • Located in Sheffield, UK
  • Objective: Furthering geographical knowledge and understanding through education, supporting teachers, students, academics at all levels of education through journal, publications, training events, projects, websites and by lobby government about importance of geography (Geographical Association. (n.d.). Retrieved from
geographical association1
Geographical Association
  • Publications:

Primary Geography: For primary teachers delivering the geography curriculum

Teaching Geography: For teachers in secondary schools and colleges, introducing to resources, recent developments and profession opportunities in this field

Geography: For lecturers and students in post secondary and higher education. Used internationally as source of reference

  • Website:

Focuses on promoting quality education in the field of geography for all the age groups of geography enthusiasts

canadian association of geographers
Canadian Association of Geographers
  • Founded in 1951.
  • Headquarters located in Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Commitment:Focuses on practicing geographers, promoting and disseminating research, geographical education nationally & internationally
  • CAS has regional ‘divisions’ for each province namely, Atlantic, Ontario, Prairie, and Western
canadian association of geographers1
Canadian Association of Geographers
  • Publishing:

The Canadian Geographer: The Journal of The

Canadian Association of Geographers : Featuring

research paper challenging the status quo and technical


CAG Newsletter: Accessible free digital copy online.

Published 3 times per year

CAG Annual Directory: Reference for researches and

publications of the geography departments in Canadian

universities and government agencies


Focusing on practicing geographers and students with quality content promoting education and publications

Retrieved March 14, 2013 from http://

royal canadian geographical society
Royal Canadian Geographical Society
  • Founded in 1929
  • Headquarters located at Ottawa, Canada
  • Motto: Making Canada better known to Canadians and the world
  • Dedicated to creating deeper appreciation for Canada – its people, culture, environmental and social challenges
  • Publications:
    • Canadian Geographic
    • Canadian Geographic Kids
    • Canadian Geographic Travel Magazine
  • Conducts educational & research programs; and expeditions
  • Website:
    • Informative links for latest news, programs, awards and geographic blog
    • Good Reference for travel related issues and maps
international geographical union
International Geographical Union
  • Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1922
  • Operates within 34 ‘Commissions’ ranging from Applied Geography, Coastal Systems, Environment Evolution, Geographical Education, and Water Sustainability
  • One of its 7 objectives is to advance the development of international standards and the compatibility of the methods, nomenclatures and symbols used by geographers
  • Journals: “Journal Database” is hosted

(initially compiled by University of Amsterdam)

on its website with hundreds of journals from

all over the world. Searchable by country,

journal name, keywords, etc.

  • Website:

Each commission hosts a link to their website where subject specific publications and projects can be referred

Illustration Retrieved March 15, 2013 from

some more geographical societies and association
Some more Geographical Societies and Association……..
  • University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS): Universities have come together toadvance better understanding of geographical processes and spatial relationships through improved methods, data and technology
  • The Geospatial Information & Technology Association: Focuses on applying GIS for telecom and utility services
  • California Geographic Information Association (CGIA): Coordinates GIS data development and other geographical information issues in California
  • European Geography Association: Network of students and young geographers built with intention of exchanging geographical knowledge
  • National Council for Geographic Education: Targets toenhance the status and quality of geography teaching and learning. NCGE supports geography teaching at all levels—from kindergarten through university
evaluation as reference source
Evaluation as Reference Source
  • Strengths:
    • Reliability: Participation and contributions from professional geographers provide reliable sources in the form of peer reviewed articles and research papers in the journals.
    • Currency: Latest events and developments can be found on the websites, newsletters, conferences and media broadcasts
    • Availability: Past issues of journals and reports can be accessed easily on most of the websites
    • Weakness:
      • Cost: Certain information is limited to members only

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