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A Mathematical Pathway to Success PowerPoint Presentation
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A Mathematical Pathway to Success

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A Mathematical Pathway to Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Mathematical Pathway to Success

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As a Mathematics and Computing Specialist School we look to develop students aspiring to study Mathematics beyond GCSEs as well as best supporting those who struggle. To this end, we will continue to offer additional qualifications to students in line with those currently offered to current GCSE students.

  • In summary:
  • All students study GCSE Mathematics throughout year 10 and 11
  • Most students to sit examination in November of year 11
  • Results at this stage give students an informed choice for the focus of study for the remainder of year 11
  • Most students to sit examination at the end of year 11
  • Possibility to sit additional Mathematics qualifications at the end of year 11
  • Additionally, please rest assured:
  • Assessment at the end of year 9 will influence sets in year 10, and hence the pathway students begin only.
  • Parents will be informed of their child’s set and pathway, with further communication at crucial times of Key Stage 4 (e.g.. End of year 10, results from November examination in year 11).
  • We are always happy to answer questions and provide information so you can be confident your child is in the best possible position to attain their potential and you are able to support them in doing so.

A Mathematical

Pathway to Success

  • As students progress into Key Stage 4, they have a lot of choices to make. Mathematics however, has always been a compulsory and key subject . At Fulford we aim to make sure every student has the best possible opportunity to attain their maximum potential.
  • Unlike many subjects there is no clear separation of “GCSE” and “non-GCSE” material. Successful attainment depends upon an understanding of all the concepts developed in a student’s education. We have done our best to give students the best possible preparation.
  • In year 7 all students had four Mathematics lessons a week to ensure a strong foundation for progress in Mathematics throughout their school journey.
  • In year 9 we began to assess material and understanding at a GCSE standard, to prepare students for the greater rigour of national qualifications.
  • It is vital that students spend years 10 and 11 developing into the very best mathematicians they can be, whatever ambitions they have. For this reason all students at Fulford will have the opportunity to sit their GCSE at the end of two years of Key Stage 4 study, at the end of year 11, giving them the maximum possible time to develop. Most students will sit official GCSE papers in the November of year 11 in addition to the end of year examinations. However it is expected students will make further progress in year 11 and attain a higher grade at the end of the course.