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transportation. Hong Kong Student Association. Food Sponsor: Top Pot Doughnuts. RECAP. How do we say “Let’s go get dim sum” in Cantonese? Dim Sum 飲茶 Yum2 Caa4 What are two of your favorite Dim Sum dishes? What’s the name for “Local Hong Kong Fast Food”? 茶餐廳 Caa4 caan1 teng1

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Hong Kong Student Association

  • How do we say “Let’s go get dim sum” in Cantonese?
  • Dim Sum 飲茶Yum2 Caa4
  • What are two of your favorite Dim Sum dishes?
  • What’s the name for “Local Hong Kong Fast Food”?
  • 茶餐廳Caa4caan1 teng1
  • How to say “cold” and “hot” in Cantonese?
  • Cold 凍dung3, Hot 熱jit6
directions fong1 hoeng3
Directions 方向 fong1 hoeng3
  • Front 前 cin4
  • Back 後 hau6
  • Left 左 zo2
  • Right 右 jau6

East 東 dung1

South 南 naam4

West 西 sai1

North 北 bak1


Directions 方向 fong1 hoeng3

Up 上 soeung6

Down 下 / 落 haa6 / lok6

Turn轉 zyun3

  • Restroom 洗手間 sai2 sau2 gaan1
  • Changing Room 更衣室 gang1 ji1 sat1
  • Classroom 課室 fo3 sat1
  • Park 公園 gung 1 jyun2
  • Bank 銀行 ngan4 hong4
  • Station 站 zaam6
  • Shopping Mall 商場 soeng1 coeng4
ways to get to places
Ways to get to places
  • Walk 行路 haang4 lou6
  • Travel by (a vehicle) 搭車 daap3 ce1
  • Drive 揸 車zaa1 ce1
dialogue 1 asking for direction
Dialogue 1: Asking for Direction
  • Where do you want to go? 你想去邊度呀?
  • nei5 soeung2 heoi3 bin1 dou6 aa3
  • Excuse me, Where is _(the restroom)_? 唔該,_(洗手間)_係邊度?
  • m4 goi1, _(sai2 sau2 gaan1)__ hai2 bin1 dou6?
  • It’s over there/ here. 係個度/ 呢度.
  • hai2 go2 dou6 / ni1 dou6
  • 直去/ 後面
  • Zik6 heoi3/ hau6 min6
  • 轉左/ 轉右
  • zyun3 zo2 / zyun3 jau6
dialogue 2 how long does it take
Dialogue 2: How long does it take?
  • How long is it going to take to walk there? 要行幾耐架?
  • jiu3 hang4 gei2 noi6 gaa3
  • _____ minutes. __分鐘啦 ____
  • fan1 zung1 laa1
  • Thank you, handsome/ pretty. 唔該, 靚仔 / 女
  • m4 goi1, leng3 zai2 / neoi5

Means of Transportation

Taxi 的士

dik1 si2

Bus 巴士

baa1 si2


MTR 地鐵

Dei6 tit3


Fo2 ce1


Tram 電車

Din6 ce1

Cable Car 纜車

Laam6 ce1


Minibus 小巴

Siu2 baa1

Ferry 船



Rickshaw 人力車

Jan4 lik6 ce1

closer look mtr
Closer look: MTR
dialogue 3 how do you get to school
Dialogue 3: How do you get to school?
  • How do you usually get to school? 你平時搭咩番學架?
  • Nei5 ping4 si4 daap3 me1 faan1 hok6 gaa3.
  • I usually get to school _(by bus)_. 我平時_(搭巴士)_ 番學架。
  • ngo5 ping4 si4 _(daap3 baa1 si2) _faan1 hok6 gaa3.
  • How long does it take you to walk to school? 係屋企去學校要幾耐呀?
  • Hai2 uk1 kei2 heoi3 hok6 haau6 jiu3 gei2 noi6 aa3?
  • About _(20)_ minutes/ hours差唔多_(20)_分鐘/ 個鐘
  • caa1 m4 do1 _(ji6 sap6)_ fan1 zung1/ go3 zung1.
dialogue 3 cont
Dialogue 3: Cont.
  • Wow! You are so lucky, that’s fast! 哇! 你就好啦, 咁快番到
  • waa1! Nei5 zau6 hou2 laa1, gam3 faai3 faan1 dou3!
  • Wow! That sucks, that’s a long time. 哇! 好慘呀, 咁耐先番到
  • waa1! Hou2 caam2 aa3, gam3 noi6 sin1 faan1 dou3!
  • How about you? 你呢?
  • Nei5 ni1?
dialogue 4 asking the driver
Dialogue 4: Asking the driver
  • Driver, how long does it take to go to ____? 司機, 去___要幾耐呀?
  • si1 gei1, heoi3 _____ jiu3 gei2 noi6 aa3?
  • Thank you. 唔該
  • m4 goi1
  • Driver, can I get off at _____, please? 司機,_____有落丫唔該。
  • si1 gei1, ____ jau5 lok6 aa1 m4 goi1.
  • (Mainlyforminibus.Ifyoudon’tyell,driverswillfxckyou)
bonus 1
Bonus 1!
  • 白痴

Baak6 ci1

bonus 2

Sik6 si2