Christian morality
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Christian Morality. Foundational Principles: Moral Choices. Created for Love & Happiness. Created out of love World created for us We were created for God Eternal destiny in communion with God Created in God’s Image and Likeness The summit of God’s creation Soul Intellect Free will.

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Christian morality

Christian Morality

Foundational Principles: Moral Choices

Created for love happiness
Created for Love & Happiness

  • Created out of love

    • World created for us

    • We were created for God

    • Eternal destiny in communion with God

  • Created in God’s Image and Likeness

    • The summit of God’s creation

      • Soul

      • Intellect

      • Free will

Gifts from god
Gifts from God

  • Soul

    • Given at conception, animates us (Genesis 2: 7)

    • Our spiritual principle, is immortal

    • Core of our human consciousness and freedom

  • Intellect

    • Gift that helps us to see and understand the order of the created world

    • Allows us to distinguish between truth and deception

      • We can understand how to stay in relationship with God

  • Free will

    • Gift that gives us the ability to choose from among various actions for which we are held accountable

      • Genesis 4: 6-7

      • Sirach 15: 11-20

  • “With great gifts comes great responsibility”

Freedom to choose
Freedom to Choose

  • Moral choice

    • Free will allows us to do good or evil

    • Responsibility for our choices

      • Factors may lessen the blame

        • Not excuses but recognition of circumstances that may hinder our freedom to choose

  • Original sin

    • Transmitted to us from our ancestors

    • Original holiness was for all human nature

    • Concupiscence: a tendency toward sin

New life in christ
New Life in Christ

  • Old Testament promises

    • Salvation history

      • Protoevangelium

        • Chosen people and the Divine law

        • Given rituals and the priesthood

        • Leadership in the judges, kings and prophets

        • Human response was lacking

  • New Testament fulfillment

    • Paschal mystery

      • Battle against sin and death is won

Called to beatitude
Called to Beatitude

  • New vision of life

    • Radical difference from society’s view

      • Poor in spirit vs. self-centered

      • Meek vs. proud

      • Merciful vs. vengeful

      • Peacemaker vs. conflict

      • Persecuted vs. secure

    • Simple but not easy

Holy trinity
Holy Trinity

  • Compass, (GPS) and strength

    • Gives us direction, “points north”

      • Scripture and Tradition

    • Die and reborn in Baptism

      • Receive grace

  • Moral Choices bring us closer to the Trinity

    • Called by the Father to holiness

    • Jesus is our model by his example and teachings

    • Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Justification sanctification
Justification & Sanctification

  • Faith or works?

    • We are saved by God’s work not our own

    • Justified through Christ

      • Through Baptism we share in Christ’s righteousness in uniting ourselves to Christ’s passion, death and resurrection

      • Restoration of original holiness and justice is made possible

    • Begins with conversion

      • Realization that we need to turn back to God and away from evil

      • Accept God’s gift of forgiveness and righteousness

      • Justification leads to sanctification

Our collaboration
Our Collaboration

  • Merit

    • A reward from God to those who love him and follow Jesus’ Law of Love. We do not earn merit. It is a gift from God. (see Gen.4: 3-7)

  • Why should we be good?

    • God made us to be good

    • God has given us a share in his love and life

    • God has justified us so that we can live in perfect communion with him

    • If we are good for our own purposes it will backfire on us. God must be our center not us.