order processing and requisition accelerator n.
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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator PowerPoint Presentation
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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

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  1. Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if … • all of our service centers could be coordinated through one system. Services Supplies • all of our supplies and resources could be coordinated through one system. • the system was easy enough to deploy and learn in a few minutes. Resources

  3. 100% Internet Ready – Front to Back • No software to install or update • Available enterprise wide overnight • Updates done remotely • Access from anywhere using any browser or smart phone • Everything done in real time • No “Per User” or “Per Seat” fees

  4. The OPRA suite of enterprise modules: • Work Order Module • Warehouse Requisition Module • Purchase Order Module • Fixed Asset Module • Event Calendar Module

  5. Let’s take work orders. Did you know: • Paper work orders, even your existing Work Order system, may be taking a BIG BITE out of your operations budget. About $27 per order! PLUS… • Employee time x 2 when a call is made to check on work order status. • 4 days of order fulfillment time. • Potential lost dollars in reimbursable federal, state, local and private funding for preventative maintenance other service activities. OPRA solves the problem

  6. Work Order Module – Simple Order Entry Screen 1. Over the Internet, site users fills out form, most of which is already done by OPRA 2. Route to the proper service center from a popup list 3. Describe the work requested and hit submit! It’s that easy!

  7. OPRA’s Status Screen keeps everyone informed! User’s service orders move from here… … to here when the work is assigned by the service center staff Simply click on the order number to see the order in full.

  8. On the RECEIVING end… The service center sees the work allocation screen. (bottom of screen) Simply assign to a worker from a popup list and e-mail them if you wish. You can set recurring PM jobs here. (monthly, weekly, annually etc..) Write special instructions to the worker here. Either print out the work order or transmit to the worker over the Internet by clicking on “Submit” – your done!

  9. Posting and closing orders… For simple work orders just post the time and materials total here. E-mail …or for more complex work orders click on “split” and enter multiple workers and details on materials. When a work order is closed an EMAIL will automatically be transmitted to the requestor.

  10. Dream up any report… …OPRA handles it!

  11. OPRA’s elegant approach to complex reports.. Within a date range… by site by service center by special category by job type by requestor You may sort and get subtotals by clicking these boxes.

  12. … reports - OPRA handles it! by requestor by priority code by worker see work completed, in progress or both see archived work orders Save the report format to run later. Saved report formats may be emailed to other users! Then click on create report!

  13. … Thanks OPRA! The report appears which provides a summary of the work orders... ..time and materials charges and work order count. Click on the work order number to show the complete work order The summary shows the criteria you used to create the report. Print this or any OPRA screen out from your browser if you wish. Saved reports may be emailed directly from OPRA!

  14. BUT WAIT … There’s much more... …Like seeing how you’re doing? OPRA provides comprehensive statistical reports in both text and graphic formats that help you measure your staff’s performance over time! Maybe now you can justify that new position!

  15. A few more points about Work Orders… • You control all of the data • Users - Job Type lists - Account numbers - Sites - Workers, Departments, etc. • Data can even be downloaded from the web right to your own spread sheet. • OPRA also offers optional features: • Work Order approval routing with email notification and simple “one click” approval. • Wireless paging or text messaging on emergency issues. • GPS or GIS map links on addresses or GPS/GIS coordinates. • Fixed Asset maintenance history tracking with on line manual and procedures for any piece of equipment. • Email or text message notifications at any point in the process. • Event calendar interface - know the who, what, when and where. • Set up as many service centers as you like: • Maintenance & Operations Department, Technology Department, Transportation Department, Food Services, etc… …for no extra charge!

  16. ...some recent users include: Anaheim UESD Manhattan Beach Unified School District

  17. Easy implementation We take care of everything… • Setup system (takes only minutes) • Data conversion (if any) • One on one On Site individual training • “Show and tell” training materials on line • Telephone support • Upgrades included

  18. Next Step… Just tell us when you want to be plugged in! Call today for a proposal and quote! 800-545-4888