order processing and requisition accelerator n.
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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator PowerPoint Presentation
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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

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Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

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  1. Order Processing and Requisition Accelerator

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if … • all of our service centers could be coordinated through one system. Services Supplies • all of our supplies and resources could be coordinated through one system. • the system was easy enough to deploy and learn in a few minutes. Resources

  3. 100% Internet Ready – Front to Back • No software to install or update • Available enterprise wide overnight • Use our server or yours • Updates done remotely • Access from anywhere using any browser • Everything done in real time • No “Per User” or “Per Seat” fees

  4. The OPRA suite of enterprise modules: • Work Order Module • Warehouse Requisition Module • Purchase Order Module • Fixed Asset Module • Event Calendar Add on Module

  5. Let’s take Purchase Orders Did you know: • Paper purchase orders, even your existing Purchase order systems, may be taking a BIG BITE out of your operations budget. About $135 per order! PLUS… • Employee time x 2 when a call is made to check on purchase status. • Up to 2 weeks or more of order fulfillment time. • Lack of real time budget information and timely reports may be costing you even more. OPRA solves the problem

  6. Purchase Request – Simple Order Entry Screen 1. Over the Internet, users fills out form, most of which is already done by OPRA 2. Ship to popup here. 3. Select a preferred Vendor from popup. 4. Order items here. 5. Allocate to multiple popup accounts by $ or %. OPRA keeps track of these budgets and lets you know how much is left. Once you hit submit the request is routed to the approvers based on account numbers used. . It’s that simple!

  7. OPRA’s Status Screen keeps everyone informed! Users can see awaiting delivery Purchase Orders here. PO Requests that are pending action here. Users yet to be submitted orders appear here. Simply click on magnifying glass to see the order in full.

  8. On the RECEIVING end… Set up as many “approvers” as you wish for each account charged. Each approver reviews the order & clicks to Approve or Deny. Approvers may change anything on the order. Approve or Deny popup Once approved, the request is routed to purchasing for fine tuning and conversion into a real Purchase Order. It’s that simple!

  9. OPRA provides a number of standard reports • Account summary report – shows total of accounts to charge • Account detail information – shows detail view of account charges • Receiving reports • User reports and more… OR…

  10. …Dream up any report… …OPRA handles it!

  11. OPRA’s elegant approach to complex reports.. ..then by requestor By Req number(s) by department by room number. by site.. by $ amount by date range ..Or any or all of the above and more… Then click to create report!

  12. … Thanks OPRA! Totals and averages are shown here. The report appears which provides a summary of all orders requested. Click on the order number to show the complete order The summary shows the criteria you used to create the report. Print this or any OPRA screen out from your browser if you wish.

  13. ..several districts are plugged in now! Anaheim UESD Manhattan Beach Unified School District Santee SD

  14. Easy implementation We take care of everything… • Setup system (takes only minutes) • Data conversion (if any) • One on one On Site individual training • “Show and tell” training materials on line • Telephone support • Upgrades included

  15. Next Step… Just tell us when you want to be plugged in! Call today for a proposal and quote! 800-545-4888