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Biodiversity. Angelica M. Esmeralda S. Luis V. Abstract: Summary.

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Angelica M.

Esmeralda S.

Luis V.

abstract summary
Abstract: Summary
  • We are trying to increase biodiversity at Lawndale high school without affecting the current populations already there. By planning and making a small garden away from the populations. We will try to make animals migrate hereto Lawndale high school. We are also trying to grow pine trees to see a difference in growthrate of squirrels and animals within two years. One thing that we will have to be careful on is taking care of the caring capacity through time so it wont be as crowded.
unit essential question
Unit Essential Question
  • How can we increase biodiversity at Lawndale High School with out affecting current populations.
  • If we can make more shelter for animals then the biodiversity at Lawndale High School will increase without affecting the existing population.
description of plan
Description of Plan
  • We can increase biodiversity in Lawndale high by making more shelter for animals. By doing that, we can plant more trees, bushes, and flowers. Materials that we are going to use are shovels, dirt, fertilizer, water, and seeds. The type of trees that we are going to plant are pine trees because they produce acorns which is food for the animals and produce shelter to. We are also going to plant bushes of fruit and flowers for the population to eat. We are going to plant these plants behind the football field at Lawndale high. we are going to clean out the section and make wooden boxes and fill them with dirt to plant our plants.
data table

This graph shows the years and the number of squirrels we are trying to add every year.

  • We learned that we would have to make space tobuilt things and we will need a lot of supplies. Some of the supplies we need is water and sunlight we will need to be sure where we place our gardens there has to be light and water access. We would need enough space to build shelter for the animals and we would have to make it on a place where it wont disturb the population that is already there. Everything will be placed somewhere safe so no one can ruin the shelter of other animals.