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A Deadly Game of Magic

A Deadly Game of Magic. By: Joan Lowery Nixon. Meet the major characters! . Bo Lisa Julian Teena . Bo.

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A Deadly Game of Magic

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  1. A Deadly Game of Magic By: Joan Lowery Nixon

  2. Meet the major characters! • Bo • Lisa • Julian • Teena

  3. Bo Bo is a strong boy who is attending high school with his other three friends. After he gets out of high school he wants to become a well known football player. Bo loves animals just as he shows in the book. The only thing about Bo, is if he is strong enough to win a game against something or someone in the house!

  4. Julian Julian again is a boy who is attending high school. Through out the book Julian forms a relationship with on of the girls in the book. Julian is a smart boy filled with knowledge, but is he smart enough to find out what scheme the something or someone is playing?

  5. Teena Tenna is a girl who also is attending the same high school as all of her friends. Through out the book Teena becomes a lot closer with her friends. With the tension on everyone, will Lisa be able to keep everyone together, or will it possibly end with there lives?

  6. Lisa Lisa is smart girl who is also attending high school. Lisa has a dream to become a great magician. In the book all the pressure ends on her. Will she know enough magic to help her friends make it out alive, or will it all end in death.

  7. Genre The genre of this book is a mystery, or a mystery suspense. The definition of mystery is“anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown”.

  8. Plot • 1st – Bo`s car breaks down, so the go into a an old “L” shaped house where a man greets them. • 2nd – The man leaves with a woman stating they have a party to go to. • 3rd - The 4 kids start to realize that someone or something is in the house. • 4th – The kids play a trap to try to find out who or what the thing is. • 5th the kids get picked up by the Sheriff and return home with a different type of story to tell.

  9. Setting The setting of this book take place in an old “L” shaped house. In the house the main places the kids wait are in the kitchen, the living room, and in a little room in the middle of the hall.

  10. Theme In my opinion the theme of this book is friendship, bravery, and trust. I would say friendship because of all the relationships and stronger friendships formed in this book. I would say bravery because of all the situations the kids went through, that they had to be brave. Lastly I say trust. All the kids have to trust in each other and believe that no one would leave them behind, if they were to get out.

  11. About the authorJoan Lowery Nixon • Born February 23rd 1927 • She went to collage at University of Southern California • She wrote over 130 books • Has one son named Joe Nixon • Died on June 28th 2003 at 76 years old • Died of pancreatic cancer

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