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DEADLY REPTILES. Cape Cobra. Naja nivea. Eastern Green Mamba. Dendroaspis angusticeps. Black Mamba. Dendroaspis polylepis. Puff Adder. Bitis arietans. Nile Crocodile. Crocodylus niloticus. African Rock Python. Python sebae. India River Crocodile. Crocodylus palustris. King Cobra.

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  2. Cape Cobra • Naja nivea

  3. Eastern Green Mamba • Dendroaspis angusticeps

  4. Black Mamba • Dendroaspis polylepis

  5. Puff Adder • Bitis arietans

  6. Nile Crocodile • Crocodylus niloticus

  7. African Rock Python • Python sebae

  8. India River Crocodile • Crocodylus palustris

  9. King Cobra • Ophiophagus hannah

  10. Burmese Python • Python molurus bivittatus

  11. Indian Rock Python • Python molurus molurus

  12. Indian Cobra • Naja naja

  13. Saw-scale Viper • Echis carinatus

  14. Russell’s Viper • Daboia russelii

  15. Common Krait • Bungarus caeruleus

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