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Building your personal brand on social media PowerPoint Presentation
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Building your personal brand on social media

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Building your personal brand on social media
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Building your personal brand on social media

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  1. Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media SUSAN TENBY, @SUZBOOP ACROSS MOST SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS

  2. What is your personal brand and why is it important?  Start thinking about how people classify you, professionally and personally  Your online reputation is going to get your food in the door and make your resume stand out  Every job you apply for will look you up online, even if they don’t ask for your profiles, they will look  If they find something they don’t like, it may influence their ideas  It will give you the opportunity to speak at conferences  Become a thought leader/influencer – audience  Having a specialty will get you recruited

  3. It’s not about follower count  Unless you are Kim Kardashian, the amount of followers is less important than what you post and how much your content is shared by ppl in the relevant field that you are interested in  You can share pics of yourself in your travels or at events, but make sure some of your pics are relevant and that you follow relevant ppl  Refrain from trolling or using profane language, it will follow you forever

  4. How to get the right followers: Twitter to notice you  Look at a Twitter Directory on who to follow for a topic  Follow those people  Like and retweet their content  Add them to flattering twitter lists  Use the quote/tweet function to contextualize your retweet  Participate in tweetchats on a topic that interests you  

  5. Facebook  Be careful what pages and events you like, as it will be published to feeds  Be careful about where you check in and posting what you’re doing  No need to mention that you’re on your 5thdrink, for ex.  Check in at conferences and relevant events  Don't make your account public, make sure you are set to friends of friends  Participate in groups that relate to your area of interest  Consider volunteer moderating in groups that are of interest, put that on your linkedin

  6. Linkedin  Even if you‘ve never worked anywhere…  Internship  Education  Volunteering  Activities  Accomplishments  Events/Conferences you’ve attended  Initiatives you care about  Professional Appearing Headshot

  7. Instagram  Keep account open, and G-Rated  Don’t make it all about you  Don’t post sexy pics – no bathingsuit body pics Post a mix of media graphics, selfies, interesting scenery, videos

  8. Professional Appearing Headshot

  9. Curate content: Be Generous Social Media You Your Field News/Events Others' content

  10. Generosity in Social Media

  11. Keep your posts short and diverse  No longer than a paragraph on any channel  Don’t have same message blasted across all channels  Use Images and Videos  Canva and Imovie are free, easy tools to create  Use creative commons images, do not steal pics  Include your opinions on certain topics, to show your expertise

  12. Try to connect to people in more than one channel  Which is why it’s important to stick to one handle and like it  Reserve other accounts and point to the right one  Attend local meetups and follow ppl who are there , eventbrite  Live tweet at those events  Follow speakers, take their pic during panel, @ mention them so they know

  13. How often?  Minimum 3 times a week for TW  Minimum once a week for IG and LI  Minimum twice a week for FB  Don’t post too often

  14. Google Yourself  Get rid of any negative photos or posts about you  Put up a quick site using, so google results direct there  Buy your own domain and put a quick site up there

  15. Set up informational interviews  It makes you look impressive  Offer to volunteer to curate content for someone who uses social media in your area of interest  Tag them on posts  Ask for RTs and #FollowFriday recos

  16. Be Entertaining and Genuine  Thank people and compliment their work  Let people see you and hear your real voice  Be sure you validate who is asking to be included in your network  Stop and think – would others enjoy reading this information?

  17. Thank you!  Find me!     