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Building Your Personal Brand

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Building Your Personal Brand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Your Personal Brand. Jane Nash & Sandra Malone +441932 253352. About Jane Nash.

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Building Your Personal Brand

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building your personal brand

Building Your Personal Brand

Jane Nash & Sandra Malone

+441932 253352

about jane nash
About Jane Nash

Prior to joining marketingmoves, Jane worked as a marketing communications specialist in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Jane joined marketingmoves as a Business Development Manager and is now a Senior Recruitment Consultant, leading the marketingmovesfasttrack service.

Marketingmovesfasttrack helps unique candidates into the world of marketing, supporting them to map out their careers and to choose an employer that will facilitate their success. The service enables clients to choose the best possible candidates from a selective pool of excellent graduates or those returning after either a career break or a change in career.

A rich background in art and design, public services marketing; marketing communications and recruitment as well as a passion for the charity Shooting Star CHASE (having set up a local supporters group which raised over £500K to benefit the Charity), demonstrates Jane’s tenacity, empathy, creativity and experience..

Jane’s own eclectic career gives her the background to coach and mentor candidates that are taking their first Fast Track steps as they pursue the opportunities that a marketing career can present.

about sandra malone
About Sandra Malone

Sandra has extensive B-2-B, Public Sector, and Not-for Profit global marketing experience, launching brands globally (she managed the world’s first four-way Telco merger and brand launch) as well as successes in stakeholder and citizen communications; customer insight and experience; the development of world-wide marketing strategies, customer value propositions, global brand repositioning and messaging, service skill development; front-line customer service initiatives and Board and Senior Team corporate communications including reputation and crisis management.

She has successfully delivered internal communication strategies, marketing restructure, marketing audits and communication analysis and financial planning for the marketing function. Sandra has developed a trademarked methodology for determining the return on investment for marketing expenditure as well as a proprietary method for collecting and analysing data evidence to validate the customer experience.

She has worked in Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Africa on numerous assignments often managing global teams of marketing professionals ranging from 5-500 staff.

Globally respected for marketing innovation, the Wall Street Journal said she put the ‘marketing verve back into the 3Com Corporation. The Times Higher Educational Supplement called her a ‘marketing guru’.

Why should you care about your personal brand?Your career, and therefore possibly your entire work- life, depends on it!
  • First 7 seconds
    • What you look like
    • What you sound like
    • What you say
  • Silent indicators
    • Your impact
    • Your voicemail
    • Your social media sites
    • Your visibility
going back to basics
Going back to basics.....
  • What exactly is a brand?
  • Have you given any thought to what your personal brand is?
  • Do you realise that your most important job is to market YOU?
each of us is a ceo you re the ceo of you be honest how would you describe your reputation
Each of us is a CEO - You’re the CEO of YouBe honest – how would you describe your reputation?
identifying the brand of you
Identifying the Brand of ‘You’
  • Who is this brand called ‘you’?
  • Are you memorable?
  • Why are you different?
  • What should someone hire you?
building your p ersonal r eputation
Building your personal reputation

How important is a complaint in marketing?

You work for a global telecoms company where the single biggest complaint isn’t that they were slow in installing telephone or data connections. Or that their prices are too high. Biggest complaint is that when engineers bend down to install stuff, the crack in their backsides shows. Marketing is in charge of handling complaints. What would you do?

The mystery of the lost data

You work for software company that collects data and sub-contracts the collection of that data to a courier company. Courier company runs out of their own courier bags so uses a competitors bag and promptly loses several thousand records of people’s personal data. People who own the data, hopping mad. Press gets hold of it. Citizens go crazy. Marketing manages PR. What needs to happen next?

You and 5000 men

You are a woman working with 5000 men in a country that is paternalistic. How do you get things done in this environment?

exercise 3 your logo and strap line
Exercise 3:Your Logo and Strap line
  • What are you famous for?
    • Draw your logo
    • Create your strap line
  • Why will we read about you in the news?
your personal coat of arms
Your Personal Coat of Arms

Exercise 2

Using a 4 way shield, something like the one to the left, draw what your family, friends, career and outside world mean to you in a single visual to come up with your personal coat of arms. This will capture your personal values.

It’s more difficult than you think!

your personal branding scorecard fill this in to give yourself clarity of purpose
Your Personal Branding ScorecardFill this in to give yourself clarity of purpose

Quantify and Qualify

exercise 5 your communications strategy every good brand needs to be communicated that includes you
Exercise 5: Your Communications StrategyEvery good brand needs to be communicated-that includes you!

Quantify and Qualify

about marketing moves
About Marketing Moves
  • Marketingmoves Fast Track serviceis part of the Marketingmoves Group of recruitment companies. We only recruit marketing professional. In IT. Worldwide and we assist candidates like you to map out your marketing career and to choose an employer that will facilitate your success.
  • You may be just about ready to graduate with a marketing qualification and we can work with you to prepare your CV and attract the sort of employer that will create opportunities for your newly launched career in marketing.
  • But that’s not all we do. There are many marketing disciplines – which is the right one for you? Are you looking to focus on digital communications or do you prefer developing market entry strategies for emerging countries? Could you create customer insights from big data analysis or are you excited by developing product marketing features and benefits? How about working closely with sales and channel teams to deliver lead generating marketing programmes? Perhaps working with company internal communications programmes are more your style. We can help you decide not only what job is right for you from the start but what jobs you’ll need to aim for in the future.
  • Perhaps more important than all of this, is that we’ll be with you for the long term. While of course we want you to find that first perfect role, we also want you to know that we’re here for you every step of your career. We can continue to provide advice and market insights as you climb the road to success.
  • Call Jane Nash on +44 (0) 7967 678014 or on +44 (0) 1932 253352 or contact Jane at



Contact details:

Jane Nash & Sandra Malone

+441932 253352