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NRMP Proposed Scramble Changes Match 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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NRMP Proposed Scramble Changes Match 2012

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NRMP Proposed Scramble Changes Match 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NRMP Proposed Scramble Changes Match 2012

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  1. Jessica Wilcome Program Coordinator Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners Michigan State University NRMP Proposed Scramble ChangesMatch 2012

  2. No organization has stewardship Lacks trust, transparency and integrity Applicants making career decisions too quickly No separation between application, interview and appointment No consistent or orderly process for applying to programs No rules govern applicant and program behavior Need for Change

  3. Heightened Competition

  4. Supplemental Offer & Acceptance Program • Task force is represented by all areas • NRMP • AAMC • Program Directors • Medical School Deans • Program Directors • Recent US Graduates • NRMP will assume stewardship SOAP

  5. Unmatched Applicant and Unfilled programs released simultaneously A “Time out” period Applications only through ERAS Open positions only filled through SOAP New functionality R3 System – program preferences SOAP Process

  6. Applicant response in specific time frame R3: Electronic handshake upon acceptance Positions deleted from unfilled list when offers accepted SOAP Findings

  7. Match Week SOAP Sanctions imposed for improper behavior Updated NRMP Agreement 2012

  8. NRMP Agreement Must be able to start July 1 Must use ERAS – no phone, fax, email Cannot have individual/entity contact programs on applicant’s behalf Only accept positions through SOAP IMG’s not certified by ECFMG will not have access to unfilled list Eligible Applicants

  9. Cannot participate in SOAP Can apply former methods of contact to non-match participating programs Ineligible Applicants

  10. ERAS system synchronized Only SOAP eligible applicants Minimum number of free applications Before/After SOAP – normal ERAS fees apply NRMP SOAP

  11. Week prior to Match

  12. 11:30a Schools: Unmatched Seniors Report 12:00p Applicants: Did I Match? 12:00p Programs Did I Fill? 12:00p List of Unfilled Positions posted 12:00p Regional Match Statistics 12:00p ERAS opens in SOAP mode Applicants begin sending applications using ERAS Program-initiated telephone interviews with applicants begin, but no offers allowed. Match Week Monday

  13. Applicants and programs communicate by program initiated telephone interviews Programs begin entering preference lists in R3 System Match Week Tuesday

  14. 11:30a Program preference list deadline 12:00p Electronic offers begin using R3 System Offers made every 3 hours Last offers valid from 3:-5:00 p Program-initiated telephone interviews continue Programs may continue adding applicants to bottom of their preference lists, as appropriate Match Week Wednesday

  15. Offers made every three hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. with last offers valid 3:00-5:00 p.m. 8:00a Schools: Match Notification Letters 8:00a Schools: Electronic Match Results 8:00a Schools: Match Results (Web) 8:00a Schools: Applicant Choices by Specialty 8:00a Advanced Data Tables 2:00p Programs: Roster of Matched Applicants Match Week Thursday

  16. Match Day! 12:00p School Ceremonies 1:00p Applicants: Where Did I Match? Offers made every 3hours beginning at 9:00a with last offers valid 300-5:00p 5:00p ERAS SOAP mode ends Dynamic List of Unfilled Positions posted thru May 1 Match Week Friday

  17. 12:00p Match Outcome for All Programs 12:00p Match Results by Ranked Applicant Following Monday

  18. Schedule for Program Offers

  19. Mona M. Signer NRMP Executive Director Fax 202-828-4797 U.S. mail: c/o the National Resident Matching Program 2450 N Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 Feedback deadline: April 1, 2011 Reference: Feedback