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Mars, the red planet

Mars, the red planet. By:Chandler Brock.

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Mars, the red planet

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  1. Mars, the red planet By:Chandler Brock

  2. Mars IS the fourth planet AND HERE IS BEING represented by a ram with armor, along with it's two moons Phobos and Deimos, represented by THE ARTIST As a mouse and a rat.Mars IS also the planet for THE ASTROLOGICAL SIGN aries, THEREFORE a ram was USED BY THE ARTIST TO REPRESENT THE PLANET IN THIS PICTURE.. .

  3. Nobody knows if there is life on mars. because we haven’t been there yet. N.A.S.A is trying to send men there. but they’ve got to figure out how to get enough fuel And food to get there and back. until they do, we may never Know...??

  4. Mars is red because it has iron oxide and rust. as the wind blows it picks up the dust and other particles to make the atmosphere seem red.

  5. Mars’ orbit takes about 687 earth days to have a full orbit. It’s also the fourth planet from the sun and last of the inner planets.

  6. scientists say there was liquid water on mars. because they have discovered erosions that might have been formed by water long ago…

  7. Mars has lots of volcanoes on its surface. there is one that is bigger than any volcano in the whole solar system its name, Olympus Mons. this beast stands as tall as 17 miles high! How would you like to climb that? it would take you forever!

  8. Thanks!!!

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