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Does this look familiar?

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Does this look familiar?. Keep organized with TurboNote+, the world’s leading sticky note and instant messenger program. TurboNote+. quick, easy memory aid super-fast messaging simple scheduler and alarm intuitively easy to use instant information store reliable, secure backup.

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Does this look familiar?

Keep organized with TurboNote+, the world’s leading sticky note and instant messenger program



  • quick, easy memory aid
  • super-fast messaging
  • simple scheduler and alarm
  • intuitively easy to use
  • instant information store
  • reliable, secure backup

“the most stable, easy-to-use and practical product I've tried”


Organize your home

  • make “to do” lists you can’t lose
  • set reminders you can’t forget
  • track important files and URLs
  • customise memory cues

I set the alarm to remind me of when I need to pay bills, when important dates are coming up (like my kid's birthday or tax return time)…then I hide them so they don't clutter up my screen, and they pop-up only when I need to see them.


Organize your office

  • boost productivity
  • speed communications
  • improve workflow

I keep a set list of things I have to do each day, each week, each month. It keeps me organised, and the alarm system reminds me if I do forget. It also makes it easier if I'm away to tell my sub to check the green "on-going" notes. They've got links to all the admin and help files that explain what needs to be done.


Organize your company

  • quick large-scale installation
  • discounts for multi-licenses
  • secure Relay Server for networks
  • Advanced User Guide and help desk

The [TurboNote+] Relay Server lets us send fast notes to the office across town even through the firewall.


Save time, money and stress

  • Use TurboNote+ to:
  • stay organized
  • speed communications
  • increase efficiency
  • improve workflow
  • meet deadlines

If 4 people in your office or home use TurboNote+

...and save 10 minutes a day(12 minutes is average)’ll save 243 hours, or 10 days in a year

...and if your time is worth $15 a hour

...then you’ll save $2,600 per year

...and the registration pays for itself in under two weeks.

A simple change for a significant effect


Use instantly

Clear popup menus and simple, straightforward shortcuts make TurboNote+ very easy to use.

Uptake is quick- no training needed.


Improve efficiency

TurboNote+ gives you fast access to information. One click opens Web sites, computer files or email addresses.

Make it easy to keep track of important information.

“The most practical, useful desktop utility we’ve installed”


Instant messaging

You can send notes directly to other TurboNote-enabled computers.

Instant messaging to groups or individuals, whether networked locally or off-site.

“Everyone in the office uses it - way quicker and easier than email!”


Practical applications

  • A small office uses TurboNote+ to:
  • keep track of tax payments
  • organise meetings
  • leave reminder notes
  • communicate with contractors
  • quickly access important files

It’s like a shovel - a simple idea you can do a lot with.

  • I use TurboNote+ at home to:
  • remind me of school activities
  • make trip plans with budgets, links to travel URLs and emails
  • leave messages for the children
  • store important file names
  • schedule who gets to use the car

“We wanted to reduce the amount of ‘to-do’ jobs...that got forgotten. We use TurboNote+ to provide reminders to different teams and team members. The network support and scheduling features are very helpful in this regard.”


Used worldwide

Tri-County Hospital

People were really resistant to using the schedule system we had installed....They've been much quicker to take up TurboNote+ because it is simple and easy to understand....It helped that we got a lot more features for a much cheaper multi-seat license too!

“better than

5 stars”

“I installed it, five minutes later I knew I couldn't do without it. Now everyone in the office uses it”

“It should be installed as a standard!”

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation


Try it, no risk

Try the no-obligation free download

Earn commissions in the comprehensive affiliate program

Check it out at

ContactVicki Hyde - help@TurboNote.com