there s more than meets the eye
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There’s More Than Meets the Eye…

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There’s More Than Meets the Eye… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Integration!. Classroom Management!. There’s More Than Meets the Eye…. A Practicum Reflection by Olivia Wandelear. How about this comparison…. What has this Practicum experience done for me, you ask?.

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there s more than meets the eye
Technology Integration!

Classroom Management!

There’s More Than Meets the Eye…

A Practicum Reflection by Olivia Wandelear

How about this comparison…

What has this Practicum experience done for me, you ask?

I, Olivia “Nikola Tesla” Wandelear, now understand that computers can be used for more than just Facebook!


Just kidding.

The MEL model is a great classroom management starting point. I will definitely apply these four steps in my classroom someday.

Email it to John Stamos and ask him to save it on his computer

upload it to tk20 for good measure…

I might even blog about it…

turn it into a song that I save in garageband…

And then make a ComicLife about the whole experience 

then paste my blog into a wikispace…

Have Elton John sing it on his comeback tour

Email it to myself…

copy and paste THAT into my lesson plans…

create a .zip file just in case those all fail…

Turn that song into an MEL iMovie…

Only the wisest and most patient students can handle all of that for an entire semester…

(another ridiculous and inappropriate comparison to myself)

In additional to technological awesomeness, I also learned the secrets to classroom management and just how important these are…

However, now whenever I think of Classroom Management, my brain will be filled with bittersweet childhood memories.

and death…

Hand-in-hand, Technology Integration and Classroom Management are stepping stones that I will cross on my journey to becoming a fantastic 21st century teacher.
Taking Practicum also means I’ll know how to create

and use a WebQuest in my own classroom.

(mine was awesome)

Even though this semester was incredibly intense,

…. almost resulting in a few freak out sessions…


It’s been one hell of a time! 

Thanks for the memories, guys …

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Mad Credits.
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“1234, 1234” written by Tomas Kalnoky. Performed by Catch 22. 1998.

And a special thanks to Dr. Theresa and ALL of you!