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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic. Photographed and presented by Jair (Yair) Moreshet, 2008. Music: W. A. Mozart, Clarinet Trio in E Flat Major, K. 498, Allegro. Historical monumental Prague: The Old Town square as observed from the Old Town Hall tower.

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Czech Republic

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    1. Czech Republic Photographed and presented by Jair (Yair) Moreshet, 2008 Music: W. A. Mozart, Clarinet Trio in E Flat Major, K. 498, Allegro

    2. Historical monumental Prague: The Old Town square as observed from the Old Town Hall tower

    3. Old Town Hall, the very heart of historical romantic Prague

    4. Old Town Hall, a crowd of tourists await the hourly “show” of the old astronomical clock

    5. The Spanish Synagogue is named for its beautiful Moorish style. It has an exhibition about the Jews in Bohemia and Moravia, both under the Austrian Empire and in the independent Czechoslovakia. The exhibition shows the Jews’ contributions to the general culture, the science, and the state, and their fate under the Nazis.

    6. The Jewish quarter: Just an apartment building

    7. The old dense Jewish cemetery, the final resting place of the 16th century scholar and philosopher Rabbi Loew (“Maharal”), who created the legendary Golem of Prague. The mighty (but dumb) Golem was presumably capable of defending the Jewish community from a pogrom. The Hebrew term and the notion of “Golem” propagated to European cultures and in modern technology it stands for powerful but dumb man-created mechanisms -- Robots and Computers.

    8. Prague: The Castle District and the Lower Town

    9. The medieval Charles Bridge and the Old Town

    10. A permanent stream of tourists flock across the medieval Charles Bridge

    11. This Crucifix is the oldest of the many Baroque statues decorating the medieval Charles Bridge. The Hebrew words in gold mean “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord”

    12. The gate to the Lower Town from the Charles Bridge

    13. Trumpeters on the gate to the Lower Town welcoming the tourists

    14. Prague, the Castle District: St. Vitus’s Cathedral

    15. Castle District: The picturesque “Golden Lane” was built originally for the guards of the Prague Castle and became home to artists and writers, Franz Kafka among them.

    16. Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), the historic elegant spa resort town

    17. The medieval town of Loket

    18. Ceske Budejovice (Budweis): One of the beautiful buildings surrounding the town square

    19. Ceske Budejovice: Town Hall on the town square (the biggest square in the country)

    20. The picturesque and “juicy” castle city of Cesky Krumlov has preserved its medieval identity as no other town in the region. It is on the UNESCO list of world heritage.

    21. The medieval town of Telč

    22. Olomouc is the capital of Moravia and its oldest town. The Holy Trinity Column Baroque monument on the main square is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.