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FINAL TAKS REVIEW 2006. Level One. <. >. Level One. $200. Which of these tools would best help you observe the cells of a typical plant?. Hand lens . B. Telescope. C. Microscope. D. Safety goggles. $400. To make food for a plant, structures called

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Level one l.jpg
Level One



Level One

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Which of these tools would best help you

observe the cells of a typical plant?

  • Hand lens

B. Telescope

C. Microscope

D. Safety goggles

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To make food for a plant, structures called

chloroplasts need _____________?

  • Sunlight only

B. sunlight, water, and

minerals only

C. sunlight, water, and air


D. Sunlight, water, minerals,

And air

Slide5 l.jpg

Which of these traits is inherited from parent to


  • In pea plants, the shape

  • of the pea pod

B. In dolphins, jumping

through a hoop for a


C. In house cats, coming to

The kitchen when the Sun


D. In humans, riding a


Slide6 l.jpg

How does camouflage help an animal survive?

  • It lets an animal blend

  • Into the background,

  • Making it hard to see

B. It helps an animal find


C. It helps the animal find

Others of its own kind

D. It offers protection, the

way a hard shell protects

a turtle or crab

Slide7 l.jpg

When students drink milk, they become part of a

Food chain. What is the original energy source of the

Food chain that includes the students and the milk?

  • Soil.

B. Cows.

C. Grass

D. Sunlight

Level two l.jpg
Level Two



Level Two

Slide9 l.jpg

Plants -> Mice -> Rattlesnakes

If all the mice were removed from this simple food

Chain, the rattlesnakes would most likely ______?

A. Begin to starve

B. Start eating plants

C. Become producers

D. Increase in number

Slide10 l.jpg

In which of these ways can volcanoes help

build up new land?

  • By adding gas to the

  • atmosphere

B. By adding water vapor

to the atmosphere

C. By adding heat to earth


D. By adding lava to the

Earth surface

Slide11 l.jpg

Which animal would most likely be found in a habitat

With high temperatures, few plants, and little rainfall?

  • Pelican

B. Lizard

C. Sea lion

D. Duck

Slide12 l.jpg

A student set a glass of water next to an open book.

When she looked through the glass, the student noticed

That the writing looked much bigger. This happened

Because the light from the room was reflected off the

Textbook and was ________-?

A. Reflected off the glass

B. Refracted by the water

C. Absorbed by the water

D. Sped up by the glass

10000 l.jpg

One difference between an electromagnet and a bar

Magnet is that the magnetic field produced by an

Electromagnet can ________?

A. Be turned off and on

B. Attract materials such as


C. Be made permanent

D. Have two north poles

Level three l.jpg
Level Three



Level Three

20000 l.jpg

Unlike battery-powered calculators, solar calculators

Are powered by solar cells. Which of these energy

Changes is used to power a solar calculator?

  • Heat energy changing

  • To chemical energy.

B. Light energy changing

To chemical energy

D. Chemical energy

Changing to electrical


C. Light energy changing to

Electrical energy

40000 l.jpg

A student stirs together a mixture of hot water and

Small amounts of salt, sand, and sugar. The student

Then pours the mixture through a paper towel.

Which substance or substances will collect on the

Paper towel?

A. Only the sugar

B. Only the sand

C. Both the salt and

The sugar

D. Both the salt and the


60000 l.jpg

Which landform was most likely made by the process

Of depositing sediments?

A. Arch

B. Beach

C. Cliff

D. Cave

80000 l.jpg

A stalactite is a feature that hangs like an icicle from

The roof of a cavern. How do stalactites in limestone

Caverns most likely form?

  • Glaciers move through

  • The cavern and deposit

  • Weathered limestone

B. Wind flows through the

Cracks in the roof and erodes

Some of the limestone

C. An underground river

Flows through the cavern

And dissolves some of the


D. Groundwater drips

Through the cracks in the

Roof and deposits

Limestone over time

100000 l.jpg

An increase in the average level of carbon dioxide

In the atmosphere is most likely caused by an

Increase in the ___________ ?

A. Extinctions of animals

B. Plant life on Earth

D. Number of solar-powered


C. Number of large forest


Level four l.jpg
Level Four



Level Four

200000 l.jpg

Which of these is an inexhaustible resource ?

A. Coal

B. Gold

D. Wind

C. Trees

400000 l.jpg

A sudden change in wind direction, air temperature,

And cloud cover most likely signals a change

In ____________________?

  • Climate

B. Landforms

C. Seasons

D. Weather

600000 l.jpg

Which of these adaptations makes a tadpole more

Suited to live in water than on land?

A. Eyes

B. Lungs

C. Legs

D. Gills

800000 l.jpg

One reason that trees rarely grow at the top of high

Mountains is that high mountain peaks __________?

  • Are usually covered by

  • Thick grasses

B. Are home to many

Grazing animals

C. Tend to be very cold for

Most of the year

D. Often receive a large

Amount of rainfall

1000000 l.jpg

River water is a solution because it _______?

  • Is a liquid, which has

  • No definite shape

B. Contains dissolved

Minerals and salts

C. Carries sand, clay, and

Other sediments

D. Is a compound made up

Of two elements

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“When PREPARATION meets with OPPORTUNITY, then SUCCESS happens.”

Get ready ---- here comes SUCCESS!

You are now ready to pass the TAKS test.