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Overview. The Smartphone. We love our smartphones ! . The Smartphone – Cont. We’re essentially married to it …. Adoption rate 10x that of 80’s PC revolution. The Smartphone – Cont. Double rate of Internet boom of 90’s. The Smartphone – Cont. Mini Summary We’re attached

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the smartphone

The Smartphone

We love our smartphones!

the smartphone cont

The Smartphone – Cont.

We’re essentially married to it …

the smartphone cont2

The Smartphone – Cont.

Mini Summary

We’re attached

Most of your customers have one, or soon will.

loyalty business model

Loyalty Business Model

“The loyalty business model is a business model … in which company resources are employed so as to increase the loyalty of customers … in the expectation that corporate objectives will be met or surpassed. A typical example of this type of model is: quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty, which leads to profitability.”

You are in the loyalty business.

loyalty initiative

Loyalty Initiative

Maximizing your loyalty business requires a focused effort, ergo Loyalty Initiative.

“Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.”

“Loyalty Initiatives are structured efforts that encourage loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.”

loyalty initiatives cont

Loyalty Initiatives – Cont.

Come in all shapes and sizes

Develop for unique needs and challenges of your chain.

Consider POS integration

+ Benefits of matching scan data w/customer

Larger investment in resources

Easy to lose focus

loyalty inititatives harris teeter pt 1

Loyalty Inititatives – Harris Teeter Pt. 1

Customer Perspective:

Why do I have to have a card for every grocery store?

What does the swipe accomplish?

Retailer should consider:

- How is this effort building loyalty?

- Does customer see benefits?

loyalty initiatives harris teeter pt 2

Loyalty Initiatives – Harris Teeter Pt. 2

What drives Carson’s loyalty to Harris Teeter:

loyalty initiatives

Loyalty Initiatives

Mini Summary

Is an action plan to create better customers

Can be as simple as having clean bathrooms

If requiring customer action, should offer a clear/obvious non-arbitrary value

Ultimately improve your bottom line directly or indirectly

taking loyalty mobile

Taking Loyalty Mobile


HD Screen



Customer’s have smartphones, what can we do with this?

Barcode scanning

QR Code reading

Instant distribution

Location tagging

Geofenced events

Mobile payments

Proximity Awareness





taking loyalty mobile cont

Taking Loyalty Mobile – Cont.

Can be POS integrated or stand alone

Enhances existing initiatives

Puts customer in greater control of their loyalty experience

Allows interaction to continue beyond walls of store

mobile loyalty harris teeter pt 3

Mobile Loyalty – Harris Teeter Pt. 3

+ Greatly enhances existing initiative

+ Greater access to brand

- Not focused

- Hard to see the loyalty piece



Your customers have smartphones

Their smartphone is their life

Your brand can be part of customer’s life

Loyalty is about making better customers

Mobile can be a massive boost to loyalty

take away

Take Away

Focus on being a loyalty business

Develop to your chain’s unique needs

Decide what initiatives can be enhanced with mobile

Don’t try to do everything at first (or ever)

Start today (there is a learning curve)