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We invite you to explore

the POWER. of possibilities. We invite you to explore. NichiProducts ™. Parent Company History. Nichiha Corporate Overview. Leading the WORLD in advancements of. fiber cement technology.

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We invite you to explore

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  1. thePOWER of possibilities We invite you to explore NichiProducts™

  2. Parent Company History Nichiha Corporate Overview • Leading the WORLDin advancements of fiber cement technology • Company founded in 1956, utilizing advanced hardboard technologies to service automobile manufacturers; Toyota,Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi • Began producing fiber cement in 1973 and has over35 years experiencein fiber cement manufacturing technology • #1 in sales of fiber cement products in Japan where 70%of residential homes are covered in fiber cement products • 1 in 3 homes use Nichiha which owns 45% of the fiber cementmarket in Japan • Quality is the key ingredient to success • Produces over 800 fiber cement products in a variety of categories.

  3. Nichiha Corporate Overview Nichiha USA • Established in 1998, headquartered in Atlanta, GA • Importing and selling Japanese manufactured products • Success with Brick and Stone products in light commercial and multifamily • Success with Sierra Premium™Shake in residential and multifamily

  4. The Plant • Plant is located in Macon, GA • Opened in 2007 • The Facility • 300,000 sq. ft.manufacturingfacility • 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse • Sits on 60 acres • State-of-the-art technology • Highly automated

  5. Manufacturing The Composition • NichiProducts uses a proprietary mix which replaces silica sand with fly ash - resulting in the most “Green” fiber cement siding on the market The Process • “Flow-on” system of raw material build up with a press that applies a deep texture • Hardie rolls on texture using Hatcheckprocess (dull graining) • Product is cured and autoclaved for over 24 hours providing for excellent strength and workability • Product is cut dry giving the product sharp lines • Hardie is cut wet which dulls edge • 3 top coats (1-effloresence, 2 primer)


  7. NichiProducts™Specifications NichiBoard™ - Smooth & Cedar NichiShake™ - Individuals

  8. NichiProducts™Specifications Sierra Premium™ Shake - Primed • Sierra Premium™ Smooth - Primed

  9. NichiProducts™Specifications NichiFrontier™ NichiStaggered™ & NichiStraight™

  10. NichiProducts™Specifications NichiPanel™ NichiSoffit™ Smooth, Cedar, Stucco, 8” O.C. Grooved • Smooth & Cedar; Vented & Non-Vented

  11. NichiProducts™Specifications NichiTrim™ *4/4" and 5/4" trim boards come reversible. Smooth - Reversible*

  12. Product Warranties NichiProducts™ • Lifetime Limited Warranty on most products • 25 years on NichiTrim™ and NichiSoffit™ • 1-3 years up to twice retail value • 4-20 years pro-rated from twice retail • 21 years + lifetime product replacement • Transferable 1 time

  13. Building Green • sustainability comes Naturally NichiProducts™ Composition • 20% recycled post-consumer pulp from newspapers • 100% usage of pre-cured scrap • Up to 7% of recycled scrap in product composition • 40% of product make-up uses a natural by product ofelectriccoal burning plants LEED Credits for NichiProducts™ (NichiBoard™, NichiShake™, NichiSoffit™, NichiPanel™) Offered under: • MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 (products having recycled content, documentation indicating percentages by weight of post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content) • MR 5.1 and MR 5.2 (documentation of product regionally extracted, processed and manufactured from Macon, GA) These are based on the following product categories: • Fly Ash: 55% - Postconsumer waste • Waste Paper: 2% - Postconsumer waste

  14. Marketing Collateral • Full Line Catalog • The Shake Collection Brochure • Advertisement • Eblast • Display Board • Pull-Up Banners • Preferred Dealer Sticker • Beautification Kit

  15. NichiBoard™ Lap Siding Coverage Chart

  16. Comparison Chart

  17. Offering You More… • Varied thicknesses, textures andprofiles • Backed by the BEST warranties inthe industry • Stands up to whatever mothernature has to offer: No rotting,pest and warping • No added silica sand • Over 50% recycled contentfor Green Building • Consumer Magazine BEST BUY

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