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We invite you to Toszek

We invite you to Toszek.

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We invite you to Toszek

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  1. We inviteyou to Toszek

  2. Once upon a time there was a Prince who went hunting. He took his favorite dog Toszek with him. In the forest he was attacked by wounded boar. But his fateful friend, a dog,rescued him – Toszek killed the beast. Unfortunately, he was fatally injured and he died. Prince told to built the castle in this place and he called it Toszek.

  3. Time has gone and in XIX century there were another owners – Count Ludwik von Gaschin and his wife – princess Gizela. In her wedding day, she was given a figure of golden duck hatching 11 golden eggs. One day a huge fire started in the castle. The princess ran away to the dungeons but first, She had taken a golden duck. Next day she was found unconscious. She died after that and the duck hasn’t been found yet. The legend says that it will be found at Easter by spiritually clean person born on Sunday.

  4. People say that the great fire couldn’t have been extinguished. The monument of St John Nepomucen which is in the centre of market square, turned into the direction of the castle. After that, the fire was put out. During the sightseeing, please check the position of pedestal and the monument of St John Nepomucen.

  5. After the World War IIthe castle was a picturesque ruin. In 1957 – 63 it was partly rebuilt and it become a head quarter of cultural centre. There is a tower with a viewpoint open for tourist. Court yard is surrounded by valley.

  6. There are knights tournaments and archery contests.

  7. Most of all there are organized concerts, exhibitions, competitions and trades. We invite you for annual parties and festivals.

  8. The castle isn’t the only tourist attraction. Also market square is worth seeing.

  9. Parish Church St Katherine from Alexandria is in baroque style made of broken stone, it has got beautiful root, mosaics and 7 altars.

  10. Church is one of the most interesting example of sacral architecture on the Upper Silesia. First time it was mentioned in 1201.

  11. Monument to the memory of the dead during the I and II World War

  12. Monument to the memory of the dead in NKWD camp.

  13. Jewish cemetery

  14. There are many marvelous places.

  15. Many botanical and nature unique places. Our school invites to the school garden.

  16. There’s a didactic track in Fazaniec forest. It consists of 4 observational fields: I wet alder forest II on the swamps III at the forest pond IV among trees and herbs There are information on the boards about animals and plants in this place with the pictures of these examples.

  17. There are many crosses and chapels around Toszek.

  18. The history of this area started in the stone age what is proved by many archeological discoveries. The town was on the trade route called amber route (there were Roman coins found on the castle hill). Parts of the vessels from IV/V century testify that there was a settlement. The first castle was here in IX/X century and it is connected with Polish rulers – Mieszko I and BolesławChrobry. Our town was a capital of this area in the second part of XII century.

  19. Come to the castle - many events are organized there, for example Breweryje. Knights tournaments has been organized here every year. Hurry up everyone for dancing, singing and music and different crafts watching! You won’t miss good food, drinks and mood.

  20. Zapraszamy do Toszka ! We inviteyou to Toszek !

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