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Regional User Conference Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional User Conference Day 2

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Regional User Conference Day 2

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Regional User Conference Day 2

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Regional User Conference Day 2 Presented by Anita Luce

  2. Why are we all here? Discovering program efficiencies by utilizing MoversSuite features and capturing Industry Best Practices. Improving communications between Coordinators and Dispatch.

  3. Day Two Itinerary Morning: 8:00 Open and Introductions Question and Answer Topics from Day 1 Local Dispatch Module Lunch: 12:00 to 1:00 Afternoon: 1:00 Dispatch Center Safety Long Distance Dispatch Advances Q&A 5:00 Close

  4. House Rules Turn off cell phone Be courteous Be respectful of others time Avoid side conversations

  5. Day 1 Highlights Data Entered a Single Time Data Ownership Data Pushback Industry Best Practices Security

  6. Data Ownership The first user to come into contact with the information owns it and it is their responsibility to get it into MoversSuite.

  7. Data Pushback The practice of Data Pushback implies if the information provided is not adequate, then a request for correction is sent to the data owner. The correction should be made by the data owner to clarify the information and provide training.

  8. Industry Best Practices Utilizing Industry Best Practices may involve changing current practices. Don’t be a Work Place Zombie!

  9. Work-A-Rounds Can Take on a Life of Their Own Why are monsters created? Not wanting to change Not taking the time to research Ignoring the potential benefits Unaware of the benefits

  10. Security Security in MoversSuite provides visibility while controlling access.

  11. Features Under Utilized by Operations Dispatch Status Connect imports to and from the van line Process standardization MoversSuite training resources Document Management Notes Email Options

  12. New MoversSuite Releases Include Release Notes With New Features Known Issues Release System Requirements

  13. New Features of MoversSuite Telephone Numbers Shipment Status MoversSuite Administration Tool MoversSuite Help

  14. Not So New But Still Great Dispatch Status Email Options Military/Government Tab Document Management SIT Quotes

  15. Operations and Coordinator Communication It is vital that the communications between coordinators and operations is clear and concise. This increases efficiencies and effectiveness.

  16. Local Dispatch Module Module Design Single Center for Multiple Branches Day Notes Service Request Email Options Processing Service Requests

  17. Lunch Break – See you back at 1:00 pm

  18. Local Dispatch Center Continued Dispatch Status as Communication Tool Grid Features Dispatch Status Crew and Equipment Availability Advances

  19. Safety Personnel Safety Personnel Safety Items Personnel Safety Events Personnel Safety Reports Equipment Safety Equipment Safety Items Equipment Safety Events Equipment Safety Reports

  20. Local Operations Reports Reporting Services Microsoft Word Documents Bookmarking

  21. Long Distance Dispatch Grid Features Driver Assignments

  22. Advances Driver Advances Advance Processing

  23. Long Distance Operations Reports Reporting Services Microsoft Word Documents Bookmarking

  24. Question and Answer Period

  25. Goodbye and Thank You!