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PBIS Regional Conference. J. Albert Adams Academy Alternative School Presented by Shawn Ashworth, Assistant Principal Shannon Barley, Teacher Christina Nelson, Student Advocate. J. Albert Adams Academy. “The Monarch Way” Where…. Change is Positive Change is Growth Change is Expected

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Pbis regional conference

PBIS Regional Conference

J. Albert Adams Academy

Alternative School

Presented by

Shawn Ashworth, Assistant Principal

Shannon Barley, Teacher

Christina Nelson, Student Advocate

J albert adams academy
J. Albert Adams Academy

“The Monarch Way”


Change is Positive

Change is Growth

Change is Expected



Students are…

Choosing to Have Another New Great Experience

J. Albert Adams Academy

Name:Date: ___________________

J. Albert Adams Academy

Name:Date: ___________________



1st Pd

2nd Pd


3rd Pd

4th Pd

I respected myself/others.

I respected property.

I respected the learning environment.

ISP Goals

Teacher Initials


Success Plan

Counselor: Monarch Way

Positive Change Happens

Mentor Teacher:

Isp goals authority issues peer relationship academic issues
ISP GOALSAuthority Issues Peer Relationship Academic issues







Come prepared

with supplies

Raise hands to participate

Listen politely when others are speaking

Use appropriate language

Use appropriate language

Wear school uniform appropriately

Use inside voices

Move directly to your class

Pay for and eat your own lunch

Wait patiently in line

Use good table manners

Talk nicely to others

Clean your eating area

Respect the privacy of others

Keep the bathroom clean

Wash your hands before leaving

Use bathroom privilege appropriately

Keep your hands/feet to yourself

Sit in your assigned seat

Use a quiet voice

Use appropriate language


Do not write on furniture

Ask permission to borrow class materials

Stay out of unauthorized areas

Keep your hands/feet to yourself

Recycle materials appropriately

Keep the lunch room clean

Sit at assigned table

Do not write on bathroom walls

Flush toilets after use

Place trash in the trash can

Keep markers & pointed objects put away

Keep your feet out of the aisle

Clear your seat of all trash


Complete all assignments

Complete your own work

Participate & ask appropriate questions

Follow all directions the first time

Arrive to class on time

Refrain from interrupting other classes

Move directly to your class

Use inside voices

Use rest room during lunch time

Arrive on time

Seat at assigned table

Hand in success plan for signature

Use bathroom at appropriate times

Take care of personal hygiene quick as possible

Use bathroom privilege appropriately

Follow all bus rules

Discipline is



Discipline is……..




Positive and Negative Consequences

Discipline works when
Discipline Works When…..

Prevention creates more Positive than negative consequences


4 : 1



Erase problem behavior
ERASEProblem Behavior

Explain – What is the problem?

Reason – What is he/she avoiding?

Appropriate – What do want him/her to do instead?

Support – How can you help this happen more often?

Evaluate - How will you know if it works?

Tools for success
Tools for Success

BIP Plans

504 Plans

ISP Goals

Students have a Plan, What is Yours?

Positive professional communication
Positive Professional Communication

If you want a student to display a behavior, teach it to him/her.

Behavior is like academic material…..

Kids learn it by being taught. If they’ve never been taught, They don’t know it yet.

Positive professional conversations
Positive Professional Conversations

You get what you give, so give good things.

Always Build Character

Thank you questions
Thank youQUESTIONS????