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Power to the people

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Power to the people - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 was the year in which 'power to the people' became real. Arab spring, London riots and occupy wall street are just a few examples where we have seen the power of people.
This market trend has a big impact on companies. Most companies see this evolution as a danger. I believe that leveraging the power of the people in a positive way is a great opportunity.
Until now, managers have treated consumers in a too opportunistic way. The challenge is to really open up and collaborate with them in a structural way.
This presentation offers you a vision and a framework to leverage the power of the people in a truly positive and open way.

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Power to the people

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. Before we start…time for a personal dream… @steven_insites

    2. What is typical for December? @steven_insites

    3. @steven_insites

    4. @steven_insites

    5. Thank you for helping me with my dream. @steven_insites

    6. Did you see it? @steven_insites

    7. Power to the peopleina positive and a negative way. @steven_insites

    8. ‘If they can bring the Egyptian government down in six weeks, they can bring us down in nanoseconds.’ Paul Polman, CEO Unilever @steven_insites

    9. Fear versus Guts @steven_insites

    10. Consumerspositive or negative? @steven_insites

    11. >80% is positive @steven_insites

    12. Companies experience the impact. @steven_insites

    13. Until now, we only used the first dimension of their power. @steven_insites

    14. First dimension: use people to build reach. @steven_insites

    15. We have seen amazing waysto create additional reach through people engagement. @steven_insites

    16. Second dimension: Co-creation @steven_insites

    17. Again,we have seen great cases ofco-creation with consumers. @steven_insites

    18. By the way, whowill win? @steven_insites

    19. @steven_insites

    20. Consumers helpwith cultural differences!

    21. Even co-creation that impacts the brand identity of global brands. @steven_insites

    22. @steven_insites

    23. Co-Creation is NOTenough

    24. Co-creation is often too opportunistic.

    25. @steven_insites

    26. @steven_insites

    27. Let’s take it one step further @steven_insites

    28. From Co-Creationto Collaboration @steven_insites

    29. Customers are more loyal to a brand than managers? Agreeordisagree? Customers Managers @steven_insites

    30. @steven_insites

    31. Customers are more loyal to your company than you are.

    32. Knowing this, outsource management responsibilities to customers.

    33. Outsourcepurchasingto fans. @steven_insites

    34. Danone outsourced a pitch to brand fans. @steven_insites

    35. Who is familiarwithMarmite?

    36. Do youlikeit?

    37. @steven_insites

    38. @steven_insites

    39. Marmite outsourced marketing

    40. @steven_insites

    41. Let’s take it one step further @steven_insites

    42. Current focus of most companies

    43. All fourquadrants have value