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  1. iPad Alicia Roberts

  2. Persuasion of Early Adopters • I will promote various Science apps that are interactive and provide students with a real world experience. • Students learn material faster through interacting with it, rather than looking for information online to complete a worksheet.

  3. Cont. • The use of the iPad may motivate students who are rarely engaged. • Unlike laptops the iPad has a longer battery life and teachers won’t have to worry about the battery dying.

  4. Key Change Agents • I expect that the Science will be early adopters of incorporating the iPad into the curriculum. • The Science teachers incorporate student use of technology at least once a week. • The iPad will provide students with a new technology experience with the use of apps.

  5. Laggards • I believe that the laggards will more likely be veteran teachers. • Often times they are oppose to integrating new forms of technology or computer base programs.

  6. Laggards Adoption • To help the veteran teachers through the adoption of incorporating the iPad they will need professional development on how to use various features. • They will also need a support personnel to help them whenever he or she need help.

  7. Decentralized Approach • The decentralized approach would be the best method of diffusion because the iPad does not require high level of expertise to use. • I don’t want teachers to feel overwhelmed by being required to adopt.

  8. Cont. • This method may encourage laggards and other to adopt once they see the affects iPad use have on students. • Teachers have the freedom to search for various apps and share with colleagues.

  9. Cont. • According to Rogers, “one motivation for many individuals to adopt innovation is the desire to gain social status”(2003,p.230).

  10. Key Change Agent Roles • Develop a need for Change • Establish an information exchange relationship. • Diagnose problem • Create an intent to change • Translate an intent into action

  11. Cont. • Stabilize adoption and prevent discontinuance. • To achieve a terminal relationship.

  12. Develop a need for Change • The iPad can increase student engagement through interactive apps.

  13. Establish an information exchange relationship.

  14. Diagnose problem • To increase student use of technology and engagement.

  15. Create an intent to change • Teachers will view interactive apps related to their content area to experience how the apps increase students’ engagement.

  16. Translate an intent into action • I will ask for volunteers to incorporate the use of the iPad and apps in the curriculum. • Teachers will be asked to share their experience and conduct a student survey to get the students perspective on the device.

  17. Stabilize adoption and prevent discontinuance • Early adopter of the iPad will receive school wide praise for the things that are occurring in their classroom to improve student engagement. • According to Rogers, “ one motivation for many individuals to adopt an innovation is the desire to gain social status”(2003,p.230).

  18. Achieve a terminal relationship • Teachers will be encourage to collaborate and share apps that their using.