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Stephen Taub Investment Banker PowerPoint Presentation
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Stephen Taub Investment Banker

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Stephen Taub Investment Banker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stephen Taub serve as a strategist, developing plans and providing consulting services in Toronto, Canada

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Stephen Taub IPO Consultant And Investment Banker in Toronto, Canada

I serve as a strategist, developing plans and providing consulting services in Toronto, Canada for various companies. Specialties include IPOs, merger and acquisition, reverse mergers, corporate restructuring, investor relations and funding.

going public in market
Going Public In Market?

These days Going public not only endows your organization with prestige, it also increases the value of your business in the market. It provides your company the opportunity to raise capital, which in turn helps in funding growth at a desired rate. Apart from the publicity that going public brings, it gives the much needed exposure to investors and wins their confidence.

reasons why going public may be in your best interest
Reasons why going public may be in your best interest:
  • Liquidity
  • Currency
  • Credibility
  • Recruiting
  • Access to Funds

The first time a company goes public, this is known as an initial public offering or IPO. The vast majority of companies go public to raise growth capital and just after the IPO is complete, the company can return to the market down the road and ask for more funding if need be.

going public advantages
Going Public Advantages
  • One of the advantages of going public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) is the benefits it offers to companies apprehensive of the heavy fees and length of the listing process. A company can go public on the FSE within a month, since the documentation requirements are straightforward and regulations are much more relaxed than that in the US. Additionally, listing fees for the FSE are relatively more affordable. With facilities like electronic trading, the FSE allows international investors to do cross-border trading.