Epsrc e science meeting introduction
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EPSRC e-Science Meeting - Introduction. Dr Jim Fleming APM, EPSRC e-Science Programme. EPSRC e-Science Meeting - Introduction. “The EPSRC e-Science Programme organises annual meetings to bring the funded EPSRC e-Science projects together;

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Presentation Transcript
Epsrc e science meeting introduction

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

Dr Jim Fleming

APM, EPSRC e-Science Programme

Epsrc e science meeting introduction1

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

“The EPSRC e-Science Programme organises annual meetings to bring the funded EPSRC e-Science projects together;

for the projects to learn more about each other (raise general awareness, build on existing links between projects, look for commonality and ways to leverage results to avoid repetition, and to share experience & knowledge of wider e-Science Grid issues) and to

Learn more about the e-Science Programme and what support it could provide.

demonstrate what results have been achieved to date”

Epsrc e science meeting introduction2

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

The meeting is NOT

An evaluation meeting for EPSRC

6-monthly reports to do that

The Meeting IS

Networking opportunity for all EPSRC Pilot Projects

A “self-evaluation” meeting in front of your peers

Look to spread Best Practise

Technical issues

Management issues

Presentational issues

Epsrc e science meeting introduction3

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

  • Demos

  • Talks

    • Invited Speakers

    • Updates from Projects

  • “Surgeries”

    • Security Task Force

    • Usability Task Force

  • Project Managers Forum

  • Dinner

Epsrc e science meeting introduction4

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction


  • Meeting is structured around the demo sessions

  • Mixture of

    • Break/Lunch sessions – all projects

    • Timetabled demos

    • Crammond/Swanston Rooms

Epsrc e science meeting introduction5

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction


  • Two invited speakers;

    • Alistair Dunlop (Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute)

    • Jeff Kephardt, IBM US

  • Introductions from new Pilots (GOLD, IB)

  • 30 min Project Updates

  • Main Lecture Theatre

Epsrc e science meeting introduction6

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction


  • Or rather, “Surgeries”……

  • Security Task Force (today)

    • Security Policy

  • Usability Taskforce (tomorrow)

    • Advise on making Grid middleware “usable through the stack”

  • Dean Room

Epsrc e science meeting introduction7

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

Project Managers Forum

  • Look at Best Practise (“do’s and don’ts”)

  • Informal – no EPSRC

  • Lead by Tom Jackson & Sharon Lloyd

  • Dean Room (tomorrow)

Epsrc e science meeting introduction8

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

  • Dinner

  • Carlton Hotel, North Bridge (few mins walk)

  • Buffet

  • Longer Breaks/lunch sessions

    • Demos & networking

Epsrc e science meeting introduction9

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction

Computer Science for e-Science (tomorrow)

Bring together with Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects can inform on life at the coalface

CS Projects can suggest where possible long-term solutions might come from

8 CS Talks – breadth

CS Poster Sessions

Epsrc e science meeting introduction10

EPSRC e-Science Meeting- Introduction


Everyone for coming

Effort producing demos/posters etc

NeSC for help organising (Lee, Gill, Mark et al)

Epsrc e science programme highlights of pilots

EPSRC e-Science Programme- Highlights of Pilots

Dr Jim Fleming

EPSRC e-Science Programme

Epsrc e science programme highlights of pilots1

EPSRC e-Science Programme- Highlights of Pilots

Some History……

1st Call for Outlines launched Feb 2001

Closing date April 2001

Briefing Meeting for shortlisted projects May 2001

Decision made end July 2001

Projects start October 2001 – Feb 2002

Projects end ……… to Sept 2005



  • Final report & “Theme Day” evaluation

APM (from programmes) attached to each project

All projects submit 6 monthly progress report (standard)

Obliged to attend EPSRC e-Science meeting and AHM annually

Comb e chem


collaboration between the statisticians and the chemists on design of experiments

successful deployment of 'Bruno', the robot which is at the heart of the National Crystallography databases service, and the associated grid-enabling

chemists working with another discipline very successfully

work on Security

JGF Chair of the UK e-Science User Group


DAME have successfully produced their mid-term demonstrator

 well received by Rolls Royce

Contribution to latest Foster & Kesselman (as have others)

Involvement in White Rose Grid

Experience of building & using “real” Grids

Discovery net

Discovery Net

SC2002 Prize (& SC2003)

 won the HPC Challenge Award for Most Innovate Data-Intensive Application

Range of applications (esp. Bioinformatics & Environmental monitoring)

International Links



Links to other projects & Core Programme

Strong links to/interplay with industrial projects through SeSC

Involvement in BBSRC/NERC projects

XML Toolbox for Matlab (>300 downloads)

other toolboxes

My grid


International links

Links to real use cases

Highest profile “Biology” project?

Large publication record

Availability of myGrid s/w on www

Interest from BBSRC/MRC bids

Reality grid

Reality Grid

Excellent 1st Annual Workshop

Good multi site interactions

SC2003 – TeraGyroid

 won the HPC Challenge Award for Most Innovate Data-Intensive Application

Highlighting Usability Issues (& “lightweight” Grids)



Very good progress to date

Generally excellent links

across disciplines

across institutions

across whole e-Science Programme



(Generally) Good source of up-to-date material on www

Key issues arise from how Projects complete